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Poetry Magnum Opus

Day 22


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Stolen Words
4/22/2023, Con/Jur/d

Not like we found the 
language laying 
around, naked 

those scars are histories
of wars, assimilation
aggregation, families

fecund living transgressions
rooted, in the Long Silence
older than we can imagine

names have power, yes
but without the Unnamed
Unspoken firmament

no movement remains
only signal-less noise
undifferentiated death

She said, “People ask 
what I’m doing with 
my life and when I lay 

in the long grass
surrounded, by bony
Sycamore limbs

Cardinals and Robins
tossing dead leaves
for fresh living 

bugs and seeds
remember there is no 
answer other than this”

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