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Poetry Magnum Opus



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I ran with the conquering 
Flames of Jamie fraser.
Scottish rivers sang
The names of an 
Ancient clan, my 
Celtic ancestry.
I have seen final light
Of day reflected on wings
Arrive in closing eyes of
Spring, my dreams have
Risen with Scotland's
Drowning skies
Where I placed my 
Hands on Celtic moons
And laid flowers before graves
Were present, experienced
The sounds ascent
Of wave against wave
In battle. My time traveling
Reflections appeared on 
Lochs and rivers. I collected
Tears of war on a mirror, that
Wouldn't dissolve.
Faces of casualties appeared
In the glass unable to resolve
Their status or gage the mass
Of water, tears could have
Been oceans.

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Multidimensional, alive, as though you allow the reader to travel with you, shifting one reality to another and then imbuing it with vitality and intensity so that it cannot be considered dream-like.  Quite an achievement. Poems such as this, mark a departure from the surrealism of past, in that there is no doubt of the reality you evoke, it is not clever play of words, it is the past alive.  And did such people as the Outlander exist? Maybe they still do, just beyond the lines we take as objective reality. For the limiting of possibility is behind every stinking effort to keep mankind "in their place".

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