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Poetry Magnum Opus



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A city marked for beauty
By angels holding a map
To paint the tattooists eyes
As they dreamed about
Italian skies and a special
Birthmark, they cried
When they first saw Rome's
Beauty, a flower that has 
It's roots in both heaven 
And earth. Many wishes
Made with the only 
Coin in the wishing well
Came true. Winds measured
Dreams. Religious and artistic
Foundation. Candle makers
Gave homes to flames, cathedral
Builders places for prayer,
Artists mirrors into heaven,
Reflected back to Rome
With added designs for
Architecture, coliseum with
Tunnels, vatican.
Writers claim new heights,
Tourists emerge from
The underground. An angel
In bronze, vigil for purity.
Sculpture of Mary holding
Dying Christ, Rome has
Paradise in her arms.

Michelangelo a butterfly
Mapping the labrynth seeking
An essence, contained within
The matrix of prayer St Peters
Church searching for a presence.
Does spirit come out of art, local
People and traditions are part
Of a city's soul 

provoking Rome
To pray for preservation of it's
Customs. Shadow of winter
In flight covers Villa Borghese,
Moonlight is reflected in rain
Falling from trees and on to
The cheeks of people walking
At night, a sculpture is lit in
Minds to echo last tears of
A Mother and moons in
Eyes of a dying Christ whose
Shadow covered the earth.
Michelangelo paints himself
Into Rome's tears and those
Praying to compare the beauty
Of paradise to that of Rome.

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Wonderful depiction (with imagery that makes the poem alive) of Rome at its height. Much depth in the way you present the soul of the times through its great artists. Will such a poem be written now in the current state of world affairs? for a civilization at its zenith contrasts wildly with its fall. And fall, Rome did.

Post modern poets appear to be avoiding their own times.  Not in any way a criticism of this wonderful poem, just a comment.

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I hope you won, for such a vivid depiction, with soul; which is actually a rarity in so much of the superficial renderings of the times.

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