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Poetry Magnum Opus

In the Seafood Restaurant I Go Home

Terry A

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On plastic chairs
overlooking beguiling waves
where there sitting appetites
mouths opening like baby birds
wait in anticipation…….
         for even a small fulfilling.

Desires leashed
from a lifetime of ordering
the cheapest things…….The fat fish
jump in the ocean
live in the mind
where rain and draught
are a symphony
               clashing through sleep
a kingfisher diving.

        I take the entrails
        make fertilizer
        grow a garden
       eat where I stand.


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Very relevant Terry in the context of consumption habits. What is the true price of 'cheap' in environmental consequences? The contrast of standing not sitting, growing your own and not being 'beguiled', is a worthy message and fulfilling outcome. Fly the nest of being fed by such destructive exploitation!

In terms of critique: the kingfisher is a river bird, gannets or cormorants are an option; an option for L3 where there are appetites sitting.



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Perhaps I should have wrote King Fisher, to better keep the theme not laboured by actual detail 😀 The kingfisher was a symbol given the Christ, but then that's not developed in the poem, so what I think was not conveyed well.

"Fulfilling' is not the right word for a grim acquiescence to the times and observation of the consequences looming for many people.

But I do like my garden. A little wild bee (called the Bombus Ternarius) pollinated all the berries, for which I am grateful.

Thanks Phil for your comments!

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