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Poetry Magnum Opus


Terry A

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You- who seemed to never care

about left behind memories

or the tearful faces

that just one generation

would erase.


You- who did love and hate

in grand equal measure

counting truth of some value

in air losing its fog its smoke

its senseless flogging

of dead horses

                        The poignant moments

of such utter compensation

one would walk through all the garbage

for just one revelation

where grandness and possibility

rode high the horizon.

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Not at all. I’ll put this poem away for now. Might work better for understanding in a group of poems.

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So someone who doesn't care for reputation (short lived anyway).

Someone who honours and pursues truth, gives unfettered expression to truth, because the cost is nothing compared to the reward. All for the 'poignant moment'. 

Getting closer?

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Yes!  It's the moment experienced when something said rings like a bell, reverberating to every cell. The clear voice in a room of mumbling. The taste of a season's first ripe strawberry still in the sun. The true laughter when humour is right on the mark and shared on every level.

There's nothing cardboard about truth, it's real, vital and often..........as this poem hints............very impatient with fools.  As for legacy.....truth holds in all time and so little concern with short-term.  

Thank you Phil for rereading and your comments!

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