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Poetry Magnum Opus

Ode to the Mysterons


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Mysterious, mystical rings;

Spectral, neon green twin rings,

Hovering in the heavens above,

Carefully watching,

Closely studying,

The inhabitants of the earth below.


But many questions abound,

And even legends are blazon abroad,

but the actual answers are few;

What do we know of these rings?

From whence do they come,

And why are they here?


Legends relate that these rings

Are actually the eyes of beings,

Beings that are alien to this world,

Unseen by mere mortals’ eyes,

Save for those hovering, mystifying green rings.


These same legends also relate that

These beings have the chilling ability

To resurrect those brought down by death

And reconstruct the same as exact replicas,

Putting them to work as their agents.


Though these beings are unseen,

Or so say the legends,

Mortals can hear their voice,

A deep, collective voice,

That can resonate throughout an entire area,

unnerving both agents and foes alike!


Behold all these beautiful paintings;

All of warriors in divers kinds of dress,

From all different walks of life,

Some young, some old, and some in between,

All of them barefoot, and each of them

carrying a long, thin pole by his or her side,

Ready to rumble;

Above the head of each warrior, there float

Those same eerie, green ghostly twin rings,

And yet the warriors pay them no heed!


If the legends be true, then

Those ‘eyes’ are studying the warriors carefully,

Watching them closely,

Plotting forevermore to bring about their perdition.

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