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Poetry Magnum Opus

Tolland trails


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Sky on water is like a mirrored
King unraveling silk.Shenipsit lake,
Feather from time's wing.
The night has
Rooms for winds that sleep.
Woodpecker hotel tree keeps it's
Guests. Do prayers return
To their source in which mouth do they rest. 
vacant rooms
Invite remorse on a starless
Night. Woodpeckers drill,  are they
Carpenters for a provisional
Ark. Day's light
Spilling eye. Walkers absorb
Sights, mountain Laurel of
Luce conservation area, knofla
Water lilies,Willimantic river tempts
Walkers to deliver prayers for
It's conservation, chance of
Birds passing over the
Moons reflection on
Waters being caught 
Like the dreams of a king
In the mirror.

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