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Poetry Magnum Opus

Saintly Spiritual Warrior


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Behold this bespectacled, fair-skinned woman;

Come study her countenance;

Old, and yet not that old!

Neither jewelry nor cosmetics touch her body,

And Her face is all serene, gentle and yet solemn.

Do you see her white hanging veil

Covering her dark hair almost completely?

Do you see her plain, unadorned blue blouse?

Behold her long, plain black skirt

flowing down to her bare feet;

Do you think her boring?

Or do you think her to be beautiful?

Do you forget, my dear Reader,

That beauty is in

the eye of the beholder?


Behold! What is in her left hand,

Tucked under her right arm?

Why, that’s a thick, black book she’s carrying,

Used as both a shield and a guide

To instruct, admonish, and assure her in the faith.


Behold! What’s that in her right hand?

What’s the purpose of that long, thin pole

Kept almost always by her side?


Well, before we can begin to answer that question,

remember this, O dear reader,

That appearances can and do deceive!


Now, as to that long, thin pole,

Behold! Floating above her covered head,

A set of two mysterious, spectral green rings,

To which she gives no heed whatsoever!


Yet this poses an interesting question as

To the nature of those unusual rings:

Are they the eyes of a friend,

Sent by her Lord and Saviour provide both

Protection and guidance for her and those like her,

Or are they the eyes of a foe,

An otherworldly, spiritual foe,

The likes of which she’s sworn to combat?


If it be the latter,

Then her foes had best beware,

For her holy dress hinders not her movements,

Neither does her age diminish her gracefulness,

for with one mighty and quick swing,

coupled with the power of prayer,

she can take down all spiritual adversaries,

as well as all their agents,

and thus protect her humble home,

her family, her fellow humans,

her faith, and most importantly, her very soul.


Behold! The portrait of a warrior,

A spiritual warrior,

Fighting the good fight of faith!

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