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Poetry Magnum Opus

Judge Not a Person


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Judge not a person until

You've lived with his heart,

His mind, his will

And the circumstances

He's had to go through and deal with

And until you've experienced

All the tragedies and strife

That he went through

In this thing called life

Judge not a person.


If you only felt the joy of his triumphs

If you only held his hand during

The better days

Then you haven't dug deeper

Through the depths of his soul

And until you've done so,

Judge not a person.


If you only rejoiced

In the bliss of merry-making

And not during times

Of suffering

Did you really help him

When his strength was wavering?

And until you've done so,

Judge not a person.


Did you only savor

The blossoms of spring?

And you weren't there

When the autumn leaves

Were falling

Heartaches come

Hand in hand with the blessings

And until you understand,

Judge not a person.

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A clear appeal to "overly wise"  people who believe are able to easily guess things based on a couple of perceptions about an unknown person.  Not realizing that they could easily become the target of the same hurting approach. They should experience it themselves, maybe they would overcome their own stupidity and arrogance.

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