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Poetry Magnum Opus

her incantation


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if my love doesn´t work out today, Paris is to blame
nightlife induces, mademoiselle seduces
from me you sneak away ignoring the whiff of shame

if my love doesn't work out today, Paris is to blame
nightclubs are dimly lit, your artful muses are now fit
to get you drunk and make you ready to earn ill fame

come back and circle about my mouth
let Moulin Rouge collapse to the ground
I'll cast voodoo spell on you
it´ll bring your love for me around

get back to draw gentle lines in me only
colour my inside with desire solely
I must seduce your tricky muses
to stop them cajoling you into abuses

as a ghost you´ll arrive at break of day
causing the air to burst into flames
you´ll become dissolved in my veins
unleashing your wonted drive for me
it´s raining outside, bon soir mon Paris


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Thanks a lot

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