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Poetry Magnum Opus

this state of world


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high we´re gonna fly
around the globe in the nick of time
to pull off the deluding veil all over
to show the way from getting nowhere
from the sown seeds of hatred leading us to blight
the growing evil must be bound 

life´s not for war, life´s for love
which needs no cowards, but brave hearts

to teardown the disguise of hypocritic psycho minds
that´s when this state of world calls to fight

let´s scream and shake heads
come together to hold hands
it´s high time we stood our ground
the jet of destruction shall be downed



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Unfortunately, it´s true. Worth listening to: Eagles - Hole In The World (Official Video) [4K]


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James Albert Barr

Always an admirable sentiment to express in a piece of art. That last line is rather interesting, symbolizing destruction as a "jet" to be "shot down" itself, ironically enough. But, reality such as it is, sometimes force must be met with force, even in the name of love.

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Thanks for the response. Well, it´s up to the reader and the real situation whether they perceive the last line as a metaphor for a strong assurance in stopping the growing evil or real force as you put it. Anyway, I understand your note.

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Terry A

This could easily become a folk song with a little tweaking and a catchy chorus, which would make it more effective.

Sentiment, lovely as it is, isn't going to quite get us there. It will take action. And not many alternatives are being spelled out in that regard. There might not be much hand holding coming up.

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Thanks for your comment I can only agree with in both parts. I´ve already composed a song based on the wording although it´s a rock ballad, not a folk song. Your suggestion reminds me of Bob Dylan´s early songs dealing with a similar issue. It´s scary that a large part of the European population and elsewhere around the world instigated by populist and mostly corrupt leaders they have elected seems to be fed up with 77 years without a world war and has begun to drive us toward a grave conflict which will unevitable harm them in the end as well. Because, as you and the previous commentator said, it will take force or action to face the destructive evil. The situation in Europe with false calls for peace in Ukraine in some aspects resemble the one in 1938.

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