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Poetry Magnum Opus



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Two singers in different dreams
Attempt to wake sleepers,
Do songs match. Which tears of time weigh More those
Falling from the artist or
Soldier of war.
Shadows on ships 
On Greek water, lyric songs carried
Across waves. Stories on
Land in oral form. Homer held
Storm between his 
Hands to reap it's excavation and
To see his sleeping form
In a dream, his face reflected
In the tears of time-he whispered
Stories. Did the closed eyes
Of Zeus reveal themselves
In the winds blowing in from
The sea to a blind story
Teller, wings without shadows.
Route to Leda's shifting
Form, Greece Homer's Queen.
Hidden knowledge of Hellenistic
Astronomical theory.

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Terry A

Such an interesting and inspiring poem, one which brings history alive in the best possible way, the most poetic way. Facts, details matter but here, you capture the spirit and make it shareable. A quite remarkable achievement/poem.

Amidst all the terrible news in these times, you give the human struggle nobility; and that is comforting. For perhaps humanity will someday be more than the sum of all its failures. 

Thought-rich, intense with substance - the achievement of this poem; and the only way free verse can be more than the general flood of mediocrity contemplating navel-lint.

I would leave out the words 'Do songs match'., because you immediately follow with 'which tears of time weigh more...' 

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