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Poetry Magnum Opus

Pieces Blowing in Disarray

Terry A

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Terry A


Maps of the centuries,
water-stained, some unreadable
missing charts missing timelines.
     The map of the last hundred years
wears mended clothes with seams undone,
patches, broken zippers
stains of blood, war, and tears
frightening spectres hanging over hills
soiled with grime, lost years, fingerprints
fading with each turn of the gyre.
       Earth wears its scars
with equanimity, naturally
allows beauty in time to cover over,
grow greenery, even the sands
mould themselves into pleasing
wind shapes.   Earth
accepts its bodies to compost,
lets thoughts stream off to forming galaxies
and stars coming of all the children
not yet born into all the fragments
of our trying.   Always there are hands reaching
to gather all the tattered threads
make better or forever let go…..
We do not know anymore, the certainty
       of where goes our volatile world. 



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