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Poetry Magnum Opus

Day 4


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Now we know where the dead went

4/4/2023, Con/Jur/d

“The use of bone for the sugar industry was bigger than we knew. It was happening at Napoleonic battlefields all over Europe. Now we know where the dead went.” -“Bones of contention: the industrial exploitation of human bones in the modern age” - Bernard Wilkin (Editor)


We disagree, you don’t even know

the status of the living, let alone where 

the dead went, although, despite the

invasive separate from, Vegan Theology

it’s apparent, our charred bones have

been spread through 




first to the elite (explaining their paucity

of imagination) eventually to the rest of us

this thin abattoir, a crust on a tiny planet


sure, sure it’s an expression of 




(although, currently, the-something-from-concentrated-nothing

hypothesis is under fire)


as we are - never forget -- we are a product of bone

eating apes -- arriving at a present 

impossibly removed from


the-needs-of-the body


arriving as friend Merry says at




If we are to reduce suffering

maybe we should leave the eating of bone

char for special occasions


When we need to remember where we came from

and who we will become.

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