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Poetry Magnum Opus

Day 6


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Off the Boil

Con/Jur/d, 4/6/2024


Depends on the day

sometimes,              the coffee is scalded


2012 was quite the year               big, big

changes, although, we didn’t believe

McKenna et al. it was the end

                                                 of history

( *we may have been wrong * )


hard to deny the story


when the engine is on full boil       foolish

to ascribe the pressure building to other

unseen ( *invisible* ), causes, we 


called-it-a-thought-cluster           because


we were young, the engine fully prepped

and it was impossible to believe this 

machine, could behave, differently


GREAT              PUFFS         STEAM




authors, politicians and marketing    drones


rely on, our cynicism, this pragmatism

this inevitably ( *surprises* ), expectations

craft the beginning, middle and end of our

lives, like how you half expect this


BOOM!                            ( *see how it is?


most of our life happens off the boil 

without parenthesis*





*or italics

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