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Poetry Magnum Opus

Day 7


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Sucking Crayfish Heads
Con/Jur/d, 4/7/2024

The first time we saw mother
grasp the red-shelled insect
like, legged, slightly bigger
than a morsel, body, fresh
off the boil, twisting the

Yabbie, Mudbug, Crayfish
Crawdad, Lobster, the cheliped
cambarus bartoni (She was a
PhD Plant pathologist after-all)

body from the head

And sucking the spiced water
brains and other viscera from
the bottom feeder’s freshly
unlive cranium, we were dis-
turbed, N. impressed


1. Don’t waste
2. We’re part of, not separate from
3. The best parts are not displayed
4. We’re animals like otters

She was from the Old World, pre digital
dominance, now the insects buzz of AI
between us and what we want to say

reminds of mosquitoes thick in the summer
night in Minnesota:, warm air hinting at future
lightning and thunder shaking the propane
scented cabin, skunks walking across our
motionless feet, body shaking with repressed
laughter, and the fresh caught Crayfish boil,
where we’ll learn a lifetime’s worth of

important lessons.

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