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Poetry Magnum Opus

Sea & Space


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The feeling is that the smell
of deep space is patina
green & sapphire Thai
food purchased from
a street cart. One
Himalayan beauty
is snowcapped,
knitted hat eburnean
as the steam within
the glassen spires
at the Holocaust
Memorial, Union
Street. We hear
the source of
the universe
here &

London bird
with celadon -
soothing tones
on cassette saying
mind the gap, northern
line, Embankment stop,
loudspeakers as soliloquy
to the woman sitting on the
same wooden bench each every
day; his voice keeping her calm
carrying her on while he's been gone.

A token treasure, space expansion.
Reminders of how the dark side
of the moon covers sol in
shadow, in totality. Wisps
of infinity leak startling
amaranth; christen it;
36 hours in Marrakech;
broken champagne
bottle shimmering
of wanton sun-
light in the

of sea.

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David W. Parsley

Hi Mike,

I like the way Concrete Poetry elements bring a tidal ebb and flow to this piece, evoking cosmic elements.  I particularly like "Wisps of infinity leak startling amaranth."

 - Dave

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