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Poetry Magnum Opus

4/13 too


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Reminded of the mini-horse dream after reading Judi’s poem about contemporary distractions

Con/Jur/D, 4/13/2024


We had to ask our wife

about the mini-horse, cat sized

that scurried across the hay bails 

while her dappled colt, partially

submerged in the dried grass

stems, bravely followed, being 

the size of a mouse, with difficulty


“Did we see that on TV last night?”

since we are partial to fantasy epics

but even as we asked, we saw the outline

of a singular horn, flowing into mottled

scales, the smell of burning oats, and two suns

on the horizon, she asked us “What the

hell is that?” and we couldn’t answer

caught up in the day dross, of 

what was made for dinner, anxiety about

the upcoming colonoscopy, how the early

spring cold felt on our face vs. the

temperature of the blankets


as we decided, was it time to get up?


So many memories

happen this way 


miracle we remember

who wakes up

and what they believe.

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