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Poetry Magnum Opus

So many religions, so little words


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Unknowable Agnosticism

Worldly Atheism

Tudor Anglicanism

Sun-loving Atenism

All-theistic Baha’ism

Ritualistic Roman Catholicism

Thought-controlling Celestial screenplayism

Spiritual-healing Christian Scientists

Social Justice Confucianism

Rational Deism

Nature-worshipping Druidism

Kabbalistic Hasidism

Greek Hellenism

Karmic Hinduism

Life-affirming Jainism

Egyptian Kemetism

Five-solas Lutheranism

Polygamous Mormonism

Satirical Pastafarianism

Ecstatic Pentecostalism

Black-empowering Rastafarianism

Hedonistic Satanism

Otherworldly Shamanism

Japanese Shintoism

5-k’s Sikhism

Mystical Sufiism

Mongolian Tengriism

Humanistic Universalism

Puritanical Wahhabiism

Meditative Zennism

Darkness-and-light Zoroastrianism

Luddite Amish

Whitey’s Creativity Movement

Ancient Roman Cultus Deorum

Norse Asatru

Street-preaching Ekklesia

Hard-preaching Fundamentalist Baptists

Communal Hutterites

Proselytizing Jehovah’s Witnesses,

Peaceful Mennonites

Shaking Quakers,

Saturday-observing Seventh-day Adventists

Finnish Sumenusko

Home-meeting 2-by-2’s

Magical Wicca



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