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Poetry Magnum Opus



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Did the raven cry
Her dreams the ones in 
Which she dialled 
The sun to light
The union of fire, ice
And that of hers with Iceland.
A bird rests in 
A forest to test the strength of
His Queen's song. His
Rain enraptured eyes rise to 
View the sun, the dreams 
Of a Queen and that of her 
Land in flight between fire
And ice. Dissolving doors
Of memory in winter's panopticon,
Winds blow against mountains,
Very few enter Iceland's impenetrable 
Fjallkona key holder to panopticon,
Beauty is secure, Seljalandfoss 
Waterfall, church mountain falls,
Grjotagja pool. Lightning like key being offered from window
In watchtower sky to unlock
Narratives. Sword rising with
The sun, red admiral butterfly
Sinks with the moon, sounds 
Of cathedral of ice melting falling
On to wounds in the fire's dream,
Echoes of rain falling on to
Quiver of unsent arrows. Age of 
Winds like tears without a 
Home, snow on branches winter's diary entry
Before leaving.
Iceland a butterfly on fingertips
Of time, two pulses meet
To power beauty. Interchange
Of fire, ice beneath a single crown.
Ocean of dreams washes
Over eyes of time to reveal
Fjallkona who guides them
To the pearl that is Iceland.

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