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Poetry Magnum Opus

White tailed eagle


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Breeding season and the moons panopticon, dreams move from room
To room, birth to flight.
Does the white tailed eagles
Final dream before releasing 
Offspring Catch fire
In the fire crowded sky. Eyes
Like lighthouses. Who will
Hear the light, signature for hunting rites as eyes are
Reflected in lightning and
The sea. Missing moons.
Tidal ministry. Positions of
Mothers offsprings first kill,
Distill a panopticon. Flights
Fixed in time. Bird climbing
Winds towards nature's
Exclusive rooms. Is mother
Of time fed with dreams as
She whispers words of migration
Time erodes memories seams,
Waves against cliffs. Tide moves
Out, prayerless hands. Unmapped

Lightning is like 
A lost feather from mother
Of times cosmic wing. 
An imperious bird ghosts 
It's prey. Imperceptible pendulum 
Of Scottish rock,clear quartz,wings shadow
Falls across a loch , is the waters
Heart reflected in the eyes of
The bird and does it pass through 
Dreams with wings 
In silhouette.

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Barry, You and I must have been on the same wave length.  See the poem I posted yesterday Cheyenne Lore  The eagle 🪶 feather is a sacred thing to the Cheyenne. It is used to heal and to strengthen. It represents the spirit of life. 

~~ Judi

~~ © ~~ Poems by Judi Van Gorder ~~

For permission to use this work you can write to Tinker1111@icloud.com

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Terry A
21 hours ago, incantation said:

Fixed in time. Bird climbing
Winds towards nature's
Exclusive rooms.

Reverence for Nature as though you peer into its soul, give words to what is felt. The poem takes my breath away. This poem is a gift given to any that have ever peered spell-bound at the flight of those birds who ride the wind currents so effortlessly.

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David W. Parsley

Barry, I like the visceral urges in this piece, the proximity to large forces embodied in rockface and wave, primordial Nature prompting motion, migration.

- David

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