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Poetry Magnum Opus

Low dust clouds bristled


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Low dust clouds bristled
   In the sky but I did not see;
A lone grackle whistled
   A warning I did not perceive.

The world would not cease turning
   In its cruel mockery.
I sat upon a rock, faltering –
   Because of things that wouldn’t be.

Only distraction can persuade –
   Only sleep can steal
Such sadness that pervades
   And hot tears that swell

But hotter yet came a wind
   That brushed my fingers
As would one consoling
   And dried my tears.

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David W. Parsley

Welcome to PMO, Amy.  Thoughtful rhyming and indentation.  I particularly liked the persuade-pervades and steal-swell rhyme pairs, but found wind-consoling a bit of a stretch.  I recommend something subtler than consoling, to show rather than tell the effect.

Kind Regards,
- David

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