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Poetry Magnum Opus

The Garden of Eden


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Come and find me in this garden;
   I know not where the hours go.
Palm fronds brush against my cheek –
   Lone toadstool, blush of mallow.

They say this is the Garden of Eden –
   Rocks of lichen, red yucca.
But I think this is probably heaven –
   Birds-of-paradise and vinca.

You will find here a green shelter;
   Shade fills the inner sanctuary.
Canaries whistle o'er yonder –
   Dew drops on a banana leaf.

Let's be as kids like we once were;
   Take my hand, let's go find its end.
Make a wish on a four-leaf clover –
   White passion vine, black-eyed Susan.

Heaven can wait if we persevere.
   Let my bosom be your headrest.
Morning glories open to the day;
   Sure feels like we're heaven-blessed.

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David W. Parsley

Amy, thank you for another brush with serenity.  That headrest feels comfortingly intimate.  One critique: phrases like "I think", "let's go", "Make a wish", "Sure feels like", etc. lend a welcome tone of contemporary parlance; "I know not where" and "o'er yonder" introduce jarring anachronisms and contrived inversions that make the language feel forced, rather than natural.

- David

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Thank you, sir!

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