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Im officially homeless


Ill let you all know what happens, but I have an hour to pack up what I can and get out of where Ive been living- the promise of a "place to live" and "I would never kick you out on the street" was rescinded, after over a year of investing myself in the upkeep and care of this place...


all is well though

I hear the Love of the Universe a'knockin


Ill let you all know what transpires :-)


be well

love to all

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Larsen M. Callirhoe

Tom aka rumisong you will be in my thoughts and aspirations. i wish you well.


be well

vic aka larsen

Larsen M. Callirhoe

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Being new among this bunch I do not have an insight but send you a heartfelt wish in finding an even better place to settle in.

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Sorry to hear this, rumisong. Start all over again. It's said it is easier to draw a new and beautiful picture on a blank piece of paper.


Hope all is well.



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Love and concern will not keep you dry in the rain or warm in the cold- but it is all I can offer-and it is yours.



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Thanks to all...

and Hi everyone


Im able to log on here for a bit, really Im just passing by to check in, and leave you a bit of an update, should you like to hear- what is very VERY real so far on night 5 of this experience...




Ive never seen kindness so real


not only is just smart business in my position to go with radical kindness, but its also completely natural, given the stuff Ive been looking at in this poet's (sufi-like) life


and I can SEE kindness in the smallest ways now- and Im NOT so much seeing anything that is NOT kindness... its like its not registering any more, if its not kindness...


someone offers me a few packets of trail mix and peanut butter for the road, upon hearing of my condition... and someone offers to let me use their shower... and someone offers to put me up and give me dinner for one night... and someone offers to send me money in case I need...


and I see a completely EQUAL kindness in ALL of these things... there is NO measurement of any of it, HOW can there be, when you have NOTHING to lose!?!


but the kindness really IS KINDNESS, compassion, love... and there is no "degrees" of this... its just there- wherever the source, and whatever the duration... it is perfect and complete as it is, just as it is...


THIS is so far, the lesson of housinglessness...


must go for now, thank you ALL for thinking of me and sending me your best wishes-


you have my complete gratitude



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This is sad Rumi. The life knows to be sometimes for somebody a mother, and for others a stepmother.


God watch over you my friend. We can just to pray for you.


My best wishes and stay strong. I hope you are set till now?! We wait some news.



The poet is a liar who always speaks the truth - Jean Cocteau

History of Macedonia



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Thanks for the note Aleksandra


all is fine, and I am happy and healthy-

there is sadly no Poetry coming to me these days- there hasnt been since the first part of May since this came to be for me... there have been LOTS and LOTS of insights that have come instead- of the spiritual/social sort... but not in the form of Poetry...


so, I get to the library every now and then to check on things, and sometimes I get here to see whats new- but ... the "poetry" part of me is not "there" when Im here- so, I havent been saying much- just lurking...


thank you for your prayers- as I say, there is still a general feeling of happiness to this situation, there is this abiding sense of "God will provide and protect me" that has been here for these past two months... so far, no job has come to me, and no permanent living situation (as if there were such a thing, but you know what I mean) - but its all ok- and I am well, and as in Love with this Life as Ive ever been


Peace to you all

soon, some Poetry will arrive here-



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