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Legacy Member Class


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Creation of Class


The site administrators (hereinafter sometimes referred to as "We") hereby create a Legacy Member class. Those individuals who were members of the Poetry Magnum Opus online poetry community (an ongoing concern, hereinafter sometimes referred to as "PMO," the "Board," or the "Community") as it was hosted by Forumotion at pmoworld.forumotion.com (hereinafter sometimes referred to as the "Old Site") prior to the eleventh day of July, 2009 (UTC) and who have received an invitation to participate on this bulletin board (hereinafter sometimes referred to as the "New Site") are designated members of the Legacy Member class; each, in his individual capacity, is hereby designated a "Legacy Member" (hereinafter sometimes individually referred to as "You").


Special Notice to Legacy Members


By changing the login password which We have provided for You or by making a post within any topic (whichever comes first) on the New Site after the tenth day of July, 2009, UTC, You acknowledge that: [a] You have voluntarily migrated from the Old Site to the New Site; You consent to Our having created a profile for You at the New Site similar to your profile at the Old Site; [c] You consent to our having copied your posts (in whole or in part) from the Old Site to the New Site, regardless of the dates on which said work by us may have taken place; [d] You understand and agree to abide by the GENERAL SITE RULES, as amended from time to time, and the other rules found elsewhere on the site; [e] You understand the COPYRIGHT NOTICE AND DECLARATIONS and are in complete agreement with the same; and [f] by changing your password or by posting, You have registered as a member on the New Site and agree to abide by all of its rules. In turn, We acknowledge that your registration as a Legacy Member is effective on the New Site, so long as You remain a member in good standing (as We may, from time to time, determine in our sole discretion), and that all posts attributed to your profile are your Content, as defined in the COPYRIGHT NOTICE AND DECLARATIONS. You also acknowledge that You understand the limited nature of our obligations (discussed in the topics in the New Site's Welcome section) insofar as your posts and other matters are concerned, and that our other rights concerning the New Site, the Old Site, and your membership as a Legacy Member (or any other class of member) are in no way limited. The steps that We have taken in the creation of the New Site and the Legacy Member class (including all of our actions incidental thereto) have been undertaken as part of a good faith effort to preserve Board longevity, ensure Community continuity, and facilitate a smooth Community migration, which we have deemed to be advantageous to the Community.

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Here is a link to an index of my works on this site: tonyv's Member Archive topic

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