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Ghulam Ali


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Ghulam is another amazing ghazal singer of this area. He has been greatly appreciated in India as well. Here is my most favourite song by him. There are so many I love but this is my most favourtie by him. I love the poetry in this one.


Do notice the music. The instrument that you see the player paying is Sitar. Sitar always make me light. Reminds me , I dunno why, of Kathak dancers (an art of dancing). It is as elegant as those dancers. I love the variations and sounds of it. And tabla (the voice like that of drum) seems as if it is playing on my chest. And Harmonium (the one Ghulam Ali is playing) and its variations seem as its waves are coming out of my body. I am mesmerized by such music!


Here's a link to reading more on Ghulam Ali. There is a link to english translations to the ghazals he has sung if you scroll down the page:




Ok enough of my ramblings icon_redface.gif here the song:


- sorry the video is not there anymore.



ps- Here is a link to Kathak dancing:



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Thank you so much summayya for taking the trouble to post these sublime links - first the Panjabi Master and now this divine ghazal Master.


I haven''t been able to log on for a while but I've thoroughly enjoyed this - I do understand some Urdu so the lyrics were beautiful!


I've been to a few Bharat Natyam and Kathak Kali Dance performances - something truly unforgettable!



Much appreciation,






Even a single enemy is too many and a thousand friends too few - Bhutanese saying.

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goldenlangur wrote:


I've been to a few Bharat Natyam and Kathak Kali Dance performances - something truly unforgettable!




Wow gl! I have never been to a live performance kopfschuettel.gif but I have seen many performances on TV. I plan to go on a live performance someday...


I am glad you enjoyed these songs GL. Really makes me very happy to think you had a good time.

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Summayya thank you for sharing this music with us. It's lovely to hear something so beautiful and so different. I love this kind of music you know. And always to hear in live all of this is much better so I hope one day you will able to go on a live performance . ( I hope for me too icon_razz.gif )

The poet is a liar who always speaks the truth - Jean Cocteau

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Ye dil ye pagal dil mera, kyun bujh gya awargi


another gazal i heared in my childhood, that was from famous Picture 'Nikah' and the lyrics might be: Chup ke chupke .


this song still craves in my mind. somtimes on a tour in sub-urban area or passing any railway station or any local village Hats in early morning, this song is played in teashops. few old people sitting mesmerized with a cup of tea hears this song having old dreams in their eyes. i sit there, try to feel the environment and you know, i travel a long apart alone like in parallel universe where my life is something else.


another song: Rabba Yaar millade tu meera, mein aur kus nehi mangta, ke rang lagda hei tera, kei aur kuch nehi mangta.


i saw some old people can't hold their tears so far, why i don't wanna, cause always knowing things is not a good thing!


But Gulam Ali, Nushrat fateh ali........they sang with alien supremacy which strikes mind all on a sudden!

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