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Poetry Magnum Opus
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#20 Gwawdodyn

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Welsh Verse
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Gwawdodyn, gwow-dód-in-heer (gwad = poem) is the 20th codified, Official Welsh Meter, an Awdl. It is a combination of a cyhydded naw ban couplet followed by either a toddaid or cyhydedd hir couplet. The elements of Gwawdodyn are:

  1. stanzaic, written in any number of quatrains made up of a Cyhydedd Naw Ban couplet followed by either a Toddaid or Cyhydedd Hir.
  2. syllabic, L1,L2,L4 are 9 syllable lines and L3 is a 10 syllable line.
  3. when written with a cyhydedd hir couplet the stanza is
    • rhymed aaba, with L3 internal rhyme and L4 cross rhymed b.
  4. when written with a Toddaid
    • rhymed main rhyme mono-rhymed or aabb. 
    • composed with gair cyrch following the main rhyme and caesura of L3. The gair cyrch end rhyme is echoed in the first half of L4 in secondary rhyme, assonance or consonance.
      with Cyhydedd Hir                                              
          x x x x x x x x a
          x x x x x x x x a
          x x x x b x x x x b
          x x x x b x x x a

          x x x x x x x x c
          x x x x x x x x c
          x x x x d x x x x d
          x x x x d x x x a
      with Toddaid
         x x x x x x x x a
         x x x x x x x x a
         x x x x x x x b - x c
         x x x x c x x x b

         x x x x x x x x d
         x x x x x x x x d
         x x x x x x x e - x f
         x x x x f x x x e

House of Stone Turns to Sand by Judi Van Gorder

Ballots stolen, voters turned away,
but dead men will vote twice on the day.
No new fields to plow, there is no work now,
no sweat on the brow, no one to care?

Mugabe builds his army of boys
they now shoulder guns instead of toys
He took back white-farms without care - the fields
without yields leave black cupboards bare.

Sick mother has no milk for baby,
a crocodile barks in the belly.
Mother is dying, baby is crying
no one defying, no one will dare.



(Zimbabwe is Shona for house of stone)This poem uses Cyhydedd Hir end couplets in stanza 1 & 3 and Toddaid end couplet in stanza 2. I couldn't resist creating a main rhyme in stanza 2 that was also a linking rhyme between all stanzas which required varying from the rhyme in the cyhydedd hir couplets a bit.

~~ © ~~ Poems by Judi Van Gorder ~~

For permission to use this work you can write to Tinker1111@icloud.com

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