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The Sonnet
Sonnet Comparison Chart
American Verse

Blues Sonnet, a distinctly 18th century American verse form that makes use of the Blues Stanza in creating this sonnet. Of course the tone of the poem should be lamenting or mourning.

The elements of the Blues Sonnet are:

  1. a quatorzain made up of 4 triplets and a heroic couplet.
  2. oddly metric, in iambic pentameter. This is in contrast to the usual blue stanza which is accentual, with a more folksy rhythm.
  3. rhymed, rhyme scheme AAa BBb CCc DDc ee.
  4. it is composed of 4 Blues Stanzas, L1 statement, L2 incremental repetition of L1, and L3 is a climactic parallel of the first 2 lines.
  5. pivot or volta should be in the last triplet. and ends in a declamatory couplet.

    Waiting Prognosis by Judi Van Gorder 5-18-07

    Our baby has a cloud above her head
    yes baby has a cloud above her head
    she lies in peaceful sleep upon her bed.

    Too young to fear the threat we've come to know
    too young, no fear of threat we've come to know.
    but fear invades and takes our spirits low.

    We mark the time and wait to hear the news,
    we mark the time and pace awaiting news.
    The music plays today, a mournful blues.

    I try to focus, write of my lament.
    How can I focus writing my lament,
    when baby wakes and coos in her content.

    The light that shines within her toothless smile
    ignites a hope that holds off fear awhile.

    And back again to Italy for some interlocking rhyme

    Next the Terza Rima Sonnet

~~ © ~~ Poems by Judi Van Gorder ~~

For permission to use this work you can write to Tinker1111@icloud.com

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