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German Verse

Schuttelreim is a German poetic device synonymous with the word play technique of Spoonerisms, named for English educator W.A. Spooner 1844-1930, which is the swapping of the beginning sounds of 2 different words such as big rats/rig bats. The Shuttlereim takes spoonerism a step further and in a rhymed couplet, the initial consonant of the last 2 words of the first line are reversed in the second line. The device is most often used in light verse.

The elements of the Schuttelreim are:

  1. a single rhyming couplet.
  2. rhymed, switching the initial consonants of the last 2 words in the first line with the initial consonants of the last 2 words in the second line.
    Springtime's triad -- thrush, lake, dove,
    tell the sunlight their dark love.
                  --- Robin Skelton (from Shapes of our Singing)


German and Austrian Poetic Forms:

~~ © ~~ Poems by Judi Van Gorder ~~

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