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The Diamante or Diamond Poem


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The Diamante or Diamond Poem is a contrast verse form commonly taught in middlegrade classrooms, it can also be found all over the internet in poetry communities such as Shadow Poetry and Poetry Base. It uses the parts of speech as a foundation and in that regard is similar to the Recipe Poem. For the more seasoned poet it can serve as a starting point to inspire other works.

The verse is written from the outside in. The first and last lines are nouns that are opposites or antonyms. The interior of the poem expands on the two nouns and at the center joins them in shared likeness.

The elements of the Diamante or Diamond Poem are:

  1. a heptastich, (7 lines).
  2. often a shape poem, the poem when centered on the page creates the outline of a diamond.
  3. unmetered. The measure of the line is the words used.
    L1 - a noun which is the opposite of the noun used in L7
    L2 - 2 adjectives that describe L1
    L3 - 3 verbs (present participle) that describe what L1 does
    L4 - 4 nouns that are related to both L1 and L7 or nouns that both have in common
    L5 - 3 verbs (present participle) that describe what L7 does
    L6 - 2 adjectives that describe L7
    L7 - a noun which is the opposite (antonym) of the noun used in L1


    clear, cool
      traveling, bubbling, cleansing 
    earth, cosmos, biosphere, nature
    weighing, resisting, unmoving
    ancient, hard
                     ~~ jvg
    Fire and Ice
    fiery, red
    burns, scalds, hurts
        men, women, lovers, friends
    shudder, shiver, shake
    silent, alone
                                 --Tony Veenpere



    Instant Poetry Forms for Kids

~~ © ~~ Poems by Judi Van Gorder ~~

For permission to use this work you can write to Tinker1111@icloud.com

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