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Poetry Magnum Opus

Regional Forms:III.Bengali, IV.Hindi, V.Kashmiri, VI.Marathi and VII.Teluga


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Regional Indian Forms There are hundreds of Indian meters or forms, written in several regional dialects. I am just scratching the surface in my research but since little is available in the English language, I share only the few that I can sort out and can find in more than one source.Language_region_maps_of_India.svg.png

  • Bengali Poetry is from Bengali Region, Eastern India and dates back to the 10th century. Its origins were in mystic poetry but later became known for its epics.
  • Hindi poetry is a descendant of Sanskrit and is found primarily in the North, West and Central India. Hindi is the official language of India. The region is known for romantic poetry.
  • Kashmiri poetry from the northwest, bordering Pakistan, is said to be influenced by its setting. Kashmir is a valley framed by the Himalaya Mountains which reflects grandeur, serenity and vivid color. It is the jeweled crown on the head of India. The language is descendant of Sanskrit and influenced by Urdu.
  • The Marathi Region of western India originated with the religious poems by the saint-poets. The region is known for its odes, sonnets and pastoral verse.
  • Teluga Regional Poetry of southeast India dates back to 10th century and is referred to in the NPOPP as Sanskrit meters of "naked poetry", whatever that means.

~~ © ~~ Poems by Judi Van Gorder ~~

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