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Choriambics Line


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Greek Verse, the beginnings.

Choriambics line is an unrhymed, 16 syllable line consisting of 2 trochees, iamb, trochee, iamb, trochee and 2 iambs in that order. Or you could say it was made up of a trochee, 3 choriambs and an iamb.

Quantitative Verse
Children playing with dolls, girls being girls, getting prepared for life.

Choriambics by Rupert Brooke

Here the flame that was ash, shrine that was void, lost in the haunted wood,
I have tended and loved, year upon year, I in the solitude
Waiting, quiet and glad-eyed in the dark, knowing that once a gleam
Glowed and went through the wood. Still I abode strong in a golden dream,
Unrecaptured. For I, I that had faith, knew that a face would glance
One day, white in the dim woods, and a voice call, and a radiance
Fill the grove, and the fire suddenly leap . . . and, in the heart of it,
End of laboring, you! Therefore I kept ready the altar, lit
The flame, burning apart. Face of my dreams vainly in vision white
Gleaming down to me, lo! hopeless I rise now. For about midnight
Whispers grew through the wood suddenly, strange cries in the boughs above
Grated, cries like a laugh. Silent and black then through the sacred grove
Great birds flew, as a dream, troubling the leaves, passing at length. I knew
Long expected and long loved, that afar, God of the dim wood, you
Somewhere lay, as a child sleeping, a child suddenly reft from mirth,
White and wonderful yet, white in your youth, stretched upon foreign earth,
God, immortal and dead! Therefore I go; never to rest, or win
Peace, and worship of you more, and the dumb wood and the shrine therein.

~~ © ~~ Poems by Judi Van Gorder ~~

For permission to use this work you can write to Tinker1111@icloud.com

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