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Explore the Craft of Writing Poetry
French Verse

The Trine is a verse form which apparently originated in France and is described at Poetry Base. Trine is Anglo-French meaning "three each" and in astronomy it is three planets 120 degrees adjacent to each other forming an equilateral triangle.
The elements of the Trine are:

  1. a poem in 9 lines made up of 3 rhymed couplets followed by a tercet.
  2. isosyllabic, (same syllable count), using the French Heroic line, the Alexandrine. Since the Alexandrine line is more easily executed in French than in English, it would be appropriate to utilize the line at lease once, but it is not a prerequisite for all lines. (I use 9 syllable lines in the example below, only L7, L8 and L9 are an Alexandrine Line}. 
  3. rhymed, rhyme scheme a a b b c c a b c.

    Trifling Trinity by Judi Van Gorder                                       Cyclical Explosion by Judi Van Gorder  5-27-23

    High pitch chatter comes out of the dark,
    a racing rat skitters through the park.
    On his tail a dragon breathing fire
    chasing the rodent into a briar.
    While up in a palm a monkey cheered
    and clapped his hands thinking nothing weird.
    This gay game they play, I must remark 
    for some, it is nothing to aspire.
    though for this three, it's fun commandeered.

    One trine in Chinese Astrology is the Rat, the Dragon and the Monkey. The Trine is also the name of a popular Video Game, although I have no idea what the theme of the game is.

~~ © ~~ Poems by Judi Van Gorder ~~

For permission to use this work you can write to Tinker1111@icloud.com

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