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Illini Sonnet / LuVailean Sonnet


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Invented Sonnet Forms  Two invented sonnet forms were found in Pathways for a Poet by Viola Berg 1977. This book was written for teachers with contributions by teachers. The various forms were offered as learning exercises.

  • The Illini Sonnet uses iambic tetrameter as well as pentameter to complete the quatorzain. Inventd by Nel Modglin who probably is connected to the University of Illinois in some way since "Illini" is the nickname connected to the school.
    The elements of the Illini Sonnet are:
    1. a quatorzain.
    2. metered, iambic - L1,L4,L5,L8,L9 and L12 are tetrameter and L2,L3,L6,L7,L10,L11,L13 and L14 are pentameter.
    3. rhymed, a b c a b c d b c d e c e e.
    4. composed with a pivot L8 and closed with summary couplet.
  • The LuVailean Sonnet alternates pentameter and dimeter lines and finishes with a heroic couplet. It inventd by Lyra LuVaile.
    The elements of the LuVailean Sonnet are:
    1. a quatorzain made up of 7 couplets.
    2. metered, iambic - 6 couplets of alternating pentameter and dimeter lines and ending with a heroic couplet (rhymed iambic pentameter).
    3. rhymed, rhyme scheme ababcdcdefefgg.

~~ © ~~ Poems by Judi Van Gorder ~~

For permission to use this work you can write to Tinker1111@icloud.com

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