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Arabic Verse

Nazm is a genre of Urdu poetry written in rhymed verse that provides a detailed exploration of its subject with fluid continuity of thought. The unfolding is logical and reasonable and the genre includes narratives, elegies, didactic, religious and satirical themes. Nazms are often used to communicate an awareness of need for moral and social reform combining art with purpose.

Nazm is not locked into a rigid frame, it can be very long but it also can be as short as 6 lines. Rhyme and sequence seem to be the only constants. It is equally found composed in rhymed couplets, 6 line musaddas or the quatrains of the Qasida. The poem is written with a single subject that through out the poem is explored, developed and concluded. The theme is always summed up in the title.

Arabic Poetic Genres and Forms

~~ © ~~ Poems by Judi Van Gorder ~~

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