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Cyhydedd Fer Sonnet


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Cyhydedd Fer Sonnet probably didn't develop until long after the ancient Welsh Meters were codified. The first "sonnet" in Sicily did appear on the literary scene about the same time the Welsh Black Book of Carmarthen was written. However, the sonnet hadn't gained popularity and possibly even identity until a couple of centuries later with Francesco Petrarch's Love Sonnets to Laura. It is entirely possible, as Poet's Garret suggests, that a 7 couplet poem with pivot and resolution could have been composed in 6th century Wales, using the Cyhydedd Fer couplets but it is more probable that this is a recent innovation and not from Wales at all. This verse form seems to be a variation of the Couplet Sonnet using 8 syllable lines.

The elements of the Cyhydedd Fer Sonnet are:

  1. a quatorzain made up of 7 couplets.
  2. syllabic, 8 syllable lines.
  3. rhymed, aabbccddeeffgg.
  4. composed with pivot between the 5th and 8th lines.

Read an example of the verse form In Memory of ... by Rea

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