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The Ochtfochlach


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Irish Verse

  • The Ochtfochlach is a Celtic form from the 13th century. Unlike many of the more complicated dán díreach or strict Irish forms the Ochtfochlach uses simpler rhymes and is less formal in structure. Considered óglachas or "apprentice work", often used by amateurs.

    The elements of the Ochtfochlach are:
    1. an octastich, a poem in 8 lines.
    2. syllabic, at the discretion of the poet as long as the lines are uniform length.
    3. rhymed, aaabcccb.


      Ostrich Races by Judi Van Gorder


      With feathery top-not
      and bug eyed bloodshot
      orbs his long teapot
      neck swags and ever is heard
      his squawks and snorts
      while on his back he sports
      a small saddle of sorts
      for racing this awkward bird.

      The International Camel and Ostrich Races are held every year in September, Virginia City, Nevada. A fun event with authentic old west atmosphere.  I've never ridden an ostrich but I've been lucky enough to attend the event. Fun to watch, the riders get the worst of it.    

Celtic Elements of Writing

~~ © ~~ Poems by Judi Van Gorder ~~

For permission to use this work you can write to Tinker1111@icloud.com

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