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David W. Parsley

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David W. Parsley

Poems of David W. Parsley on PMO

1. Prelude: The Attunement.
2. Such Country As The Lovers Own
3. Sent to Awaken My Infant Son
4. Summer Pursuits
5. Monologue in Black and Red
6. Passer in the Storm
7. Harsh Penance
8. Dreams of the Search
9. Jerusalem, How Oft!
10. Thoughts for My Sleeping Wife
11. Trumpet Morning (hidden content)
12. From the Hemlock, One More Bough
13. What the Future Dares
14. Marking the Day
15. For a Bird Found Dead on My Doorstep
16. Thirteen Ways of Looking at 50+ Years of Poetry
17. Notes from the Common Era
18. Golgotha
19. Kyoto - Variations on a Theme by Basho (obsolete)
20. Photograph of the NSF Team
21. When Samantha Left
22. The Bridge at Tsavo, 1898 (PG-13)
23. Van Gogh's Pipe
24. As One from the Snowfields
25. The Haunting of Ambassador Jefferson, Act 4
26. The Haunting of Ambassador Jefferson, Act 5 (PG)
27. While in Flight
28. Interference - an Ode (workshop, hidden content)
29. Athena and the Zeushead (workshop, hidden content)
30. The Library at Closing Time (hidden content)
31. Cassini Spacecraft: A Paean (extensively revised, not available)
32. Clips of the Horizon
33. What the Bullets Found (workshop, hidden content)
34. Twilight at Point Fermin
35. A Rumored Demise (workshop, hidden content)
36. Kyoto: A Cycle (overflow/hidden content)
37. Transuxorial
38. While in Flight (overflow/hidden content)
39. Transit of Venus (overflow/hidden content)
40. Headstones at the National Cemetery (overflow/hidden content)
41. Mariner (overflow/hidden content)
42. At the Dark Crossing
43. Rain in Westerville, Ohio, 1968 (overflow/hidden content)
44. Snapshot from Malibu (overflow/hidden content)
45. Among Jeffrey Pines  (overflow/hidden content)

Early Poems
A Count of Winter Snows
The Interloper
St. George's Eve

The Enchanted Wood

House of the Dead
.The Haunting of Minister Jefferson, Act 1

Alexandria, 642
.The Bridge at Tsavo, 1898
Potosi, 1603
Dark Limbo
London, 1666
Tymochtee Creek, 1782
Unit 731, 1945

The Trials
The Haunting of Minister Jefferson, Act 2
The Haunting of Minister Jefferson, Act 3
London, 1536

Martinsburg, 1877
Sabarmati Ashram, 1930
The Haunting of Minister Jefferson: Act 4.
Route to Navajo Mountain

Dorset, 1774
The Haunting of Minister Jefferson, Act 5

The Spheres
Athens, 1896
Taken at Tide
Trans-Lunar Orbit, 1968
Lambarene, 1913
Mount La Verna, 1224
Azusa Street, 1906

Karntnertortheater, 1824
Kyoto Variations on a Theme by Basho

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