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Southeast Asian Verse


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Southeast Asia covers the region south of China and east of India and includes the nations of Burma, Cambodia, Laos, Indonesia, Java, Malyasia, the Phillipines, Thailand, Sri Lanka and Viet Nam. Indian verse was the earliest influence on the poetry of the area. A little later Buddhism played a major role as did Islam in Malaysia and Indonesia. There was also an infusion of Western cultures and languages through colonialism on all but Thialand at some point in history. Poetry is the most dominant genre of literature from this region and the earliest was rigid in structure and often meant to be performed.

My image of Southeast Asia is of lush lands, green and untamed, tropical beaches and crowded noisy cities. .

             A fragment from Lamentations
                     by  Sunthorn Phu 1786-1855 Thai poet

             Oh, how everything was against me then
             Even white ants made their way to my bedroom.
             They ate the mat and destroyed all my books.
             It was distressing to think of those books
             And the yellow robes I used to wear
             Had holes in them like my weeping eyes.


Countries of Southeast Asia

Burma Cambodia                                           Java
Laos Malaysia    Philippines                                                  
Thailand                                                     Viet Nam Sri Lanka

Southeast Asian Verse Forms and Genres

Awit Chan Empat Empat           Glawn Go Vat Hikayat
Kakawin Kaap Kidug Kloang Kloon, Klon Kural
Lilit Luc Vat Pantun Pantun Dua kerat Pantun Enam Belas Kerat Pathya Vat
Raay Sarula Vikridita           Sha'ir Song That Luc Bat             Song That Luc Bat Sonnet         Tanaga
Tengahan Than Bauk              Tho Bay Chu Tho Bon Chu Tho Nam Chu Tho Sau Chu
Tho Tam Chu            Totok Ya Du  

~~ © ~~ Poems by Judi Van Gorder ~~

For permission to use this work you can write to Tinker1111@icloud.com

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