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Poetry Magnum Opus


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After a strenuous day, you may find yourself dreaming about mystical, enchanted worlds, with strange friendly creatures. Images of the mind, seem to help lessen our burdens that accumulated during our daily encounters. Dreams can relax the mind, and prepare us to face the real world of the next day. With practice we can actually train the mind to repeat this process on a regular basis.

The Carousel

It’s been an exhausting day, not a thing went right,

Work had been demanding, I needed sleep tonight.

My head pressed the pillow, covers are pleasantly warm,

Eyes close, my mind drifts...a dream begins to form.

Children enter a Carousel House, anticipation on their face.

They came to ride the animals, within that sheltered place.

Calliope music is carefree, trumpets and cymbals are loud,

Rat-a-tat-tat of snare drums, mingle with the crowd.

The ride seems very short, excitement is on the rise;

When the Carousel stops, disappointment fills their eyes.

Faces change constantly, children stream through the door,

Music starts...the Carousel turns; the ride begins once more.

Deeper tugs my slumber, on anxieties of the day,

Visions I dreamed of, melted slowly and drifted away.

The Carousel lingers, yet it’s different some how,

Music stopped, children are gone, what will happen now?

It's evening...lights are out, the door is finally closed.

Pale light awash on dusty windows; a golden moon arose.

Magic dust is everywhere, glittering in moonbeam light,

In swirling currents and eddies...Oh...such a gala sight!

From depths of dark shadows, they hasten into view.

Tiny Elves; Gnomes, and Goblins, just to mention a few.

Sprites; Fairies; Nymphs and Brownies...none are left behind;

Munchkins; Leprechauns; Pixies, and Imps; beings of every kind.

These creatures of reverie, are not frightened by my size.

I am caught in a fantasy, I can't believe my eyes.

Hark! is that music, I hear it from within?

The Carousel has come to life...a ride is about to begin.

Outstretched hands lead me, into a friendly throng,

Music is silvery-sweet, but...I won't remember the song.

Voices titter and giggle, they hasten to catch a ride.

When all are in their places, magic happens inside.

It matters not I am different; we delight in every ride,

I feel slightly giddy, with strange friends at my side.

Oh to soon...morning light arrests my nighttime vision,

The fantasy dream is fading...ending that transition.

Images of my slumber, quickly vanish from my mind.

Sunlight jangles my memory, erasing each and every kind.

Anxieties I had of yesterday, are magically washed away.

I feel rested and full of energy, it’s time to start another day.


copyright 2013

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