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Poetry Magnum Opus

Call From Concert


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crouched in dark
rapid fire, screams and shouts
phone home, "I love you"

Daughter-in-law's sister attended Route 91 Country Concert with girlfriends.  Girls weekend of fun in Vegas which is about a 3 hour drive from where they live in California.  She is traumatized but now safe, their friend shot in the leg.  She actually called my daughter-in-law while gunfire was still happening. She was hysterical and Sara got her to calm herself and stay covered. Someone in front of her was lying in blood. Horrific experience.

My daughter-in-law called me before the news broke on TV or internet.  We were both scanning the news channels and internet while talking and it was a good 5 minutes before anything showed up.  She had already spoken by phone to my son who had left that afternoon for Tahoe, Nevada, 4 hours north, for a  Western Region Police Conference this week.  He at that time had heard nothing.  He, like many special team officers is trained in Home Land Security to be mustered in times of emergency.  I've heard nothing from him yet.

Thanks once more to our first responders and prayers for the victims and their families.


~~ © ~~ Poems by Judi Van Gorder ~~

For permission to use this work you can write to Tinker1111@icloud.com

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Not too many years back this country would not believe something like this could happen in the U.S. of A.

The world is changing too fast. Is this what we are to consider as an everyday happening? LORD I hope not.

I wrote the following poem several back, but never considered an event like this to be something we would have to deal with as well.


Many readers will consider this poem the work of a Prophet Of Doom; Humorless Cynic, or Pessimist. Well, they could be right.

It should be noted, there are alarmists, warning the World of misuse of our natural resources. We could be headed into an abyss,

that we may never recover from?


Not Recyclable, No deposit, No return© 

From outer space, came one and all,
To study a planet near a sun named Sol.
To learn of mishap and despair,
How a planet died, from lack of care.

Its atmosphere is dismal and black.
Nothing now could change it back.
Thousand of years still drifting down,
Pollution settles onto lifeless ground.

Deep beneath its soil below,
Water lays silent, no place to go.
It became corrupt. . . multitudes were cursed.
Filters were useless, they perished from thirst,

It must have been a dreadful fear. . . 
Alarming, yet they seemed not to hear.
Many things they could have done,
Yet chose instead, to do little or none

Earth was once a beautiful place,
Populated by the Human Race
They ravaged it; gave nothing in return,
Their planet changed, scorched, then burned

Visitors grieve this place called Earth.
It lacks essence of happiness or mirth.
Forever it will remain for all to see,
Waste and greed has a harsh penalty.

Yarnspinner©  2013

Pray for those who were injured or killed; Dabbler

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David W. Parsley

That is absolutely anguishing.  So sorry to hear.

 - David

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