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Poetry Magnum Opus

morphing images from a hellish nightmare [R]


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Note: From a real nightmare End Note


I am in a room

Watching people all around me


Change into hideous creatures

Monsters from the deepest depths of hell


The Chief of them all

Wears a Trumpian mask


Completed with orange hair

Half human half pig


His deputy

Wears the face of Putin


But his body

Half human, half horse


The other creatures wear masks

Many of them wear

Green Pepe the alt right

Symbolic frog masks


And have T shirts

Bearing alt right slogans

And Nazi symbols


And as they prance about

They chant alt. Right slogans

And neo Nazi chants

Jews with Not Replace us


And the rest of these creatures

Are hideous ugly beasts

With only a vestige of humanity left


And these monsters are engaged

In all sorts of foul evil deeds


Murder violence death

All around



And none-stop

violent drug fueled orgies

As these creatures


Half human half monsters

Half male, half female creatures


Snort coke, cocaine, speed

Smoke weed and drink vodka shots

Scotch, bourbon and beer


The Trumpian Pig leads the charge

Starts engaging in sodomy with Putin

Who chases after people

Cutting off their heads with his sword


They turn on to their fellow creatures

Raping and fucking each other

All night long


Then they attack me


Jews will not replace us


And I wake up



As the sun comes up

Just another nightmare

more monster images for poem jpg.jpg

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Jake, this is good work. It comes across like American Horror Story meets Bohemian Grove. The poem might be too intense for some readers, so I'll add a content warning [R] to the title line. In any case, I'm glad you included the picture and relieved that the whole thing was just a nightmare.


Here is a link to an index of my works on this site: tonyv's Member Archive topic

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just another nightmare.  i don't dream dreams I dream movies. this was one of the more powerful nightmares I had recently.



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