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Poetry Magnum Opus

I live in an Unreal world


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Unfinished work.


I live in an Unreal world.
Tongues tenderly tied,thorns growing
on my skin and a daffodil budding
in my hand.
I breathe air-sugar-like.
A stilling brain and moon dust,
Summer's fingers and heaven of feathers
We ,here, surrender to silence and
Nothing else till we see God as
He is.

bushes, Brooks and birds.
Forevermore my life stays young
And other than green my midows cannot be.
The uttering burden parches,
We walk the road we chose
And one star we pursue.
Here it is, a life goes down
But another to heaven soars.
Timeless this sound,evergreen
These branches, a stilling blue
This sky -you cannot see grace
But I peacefully it can hear-

Let me tell you about this place;
Here, you cannot speak
Only her- everything else.
A bracelet of lily, blue paint over the
Lids and forehead
And you begin your journey
Only birds and day never finds his end
Except when heaven weeps
You may never hurt or be hurt
You may never starve
You may never die
And you may never utter a word

You walk the rosey path
Till you find the fountain at the end
Angeles in both side
The sky ,there, is purple
You drink from it -Only with your hands-
Then your eyes dye azure
And begin to see you
Abstain not from food
But from words ......


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-you cannot see grace
But I peacefully it can hear-


Bravo! 😉

Great imagery.

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