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Poetry Magnum Opus

To suck few drops of nectar out of the sand


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To suck few drops of nectar out of the sand
in the arid desert,
While your heart is desperately walking
 these thirsty days.
To chew the rust and let the iron
flow into your weak blood.

To be tasteless as the water
and uncaring as the clouds of February,
to hunt the dust and carry the air
in your blue hands.

To be lonely as the moon
and sudden as the lightning.
To be so old but yet so young
And let the flowers
poison you pleasantly.

To be stronger than God
and steadier than the dots
and vivid ultimately.

To be soft and yellow,
dark but reflecting,
azure but so carmine.

To be not like them.A matchless
gleam, indispensable shrine.

To forget this life and talk
to the flowers and be insane
in your wisest awhile.

This is how happiness runs to you
and you Elate without the wine.

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