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Poetry Magnum Opus

Awhile of apathy is a place


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Awhile of apathy is a place
I begin my cloudiness, a flake after a flake
My heart tardily pulsing
The ridiculous end of everything
Watching God for the first time,
As my mind Hovering
under the moon heavy smile.

The bee needle and a stilling eye,
I am a dripping existence soon will volatilize,
I am not here, but all the way far
Not heaven nor hell,
Not terrain nor empyrean.
In no want, in no dream,
in no vigilance.

Uncaring as stones and the clouds
As the rain only crevices
gives them, and I
Offering the deads my heart.

I sink out of sight,
My settle eyelids lauding numbness,
My existence padding backward,
The Sand between my feet's fingers

and I drop my corpse in the brine.

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