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Poetry Magnum Opus

II. The Couplet - The Nasher Couplet


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II. The Couplet

The Nasher couplet is a satirical couplet using wrenched rhyme, creating puns, or twisted words to create a rhyme. Think satire with some silliness.  The lines themselves may be of any meter or not, at the discretion of the poet.  It is generally a single couplet amongst other couplets. The couplet is named for the 20th-century American poet, Ogden Nash.

Some people after a full day's work sit up all night getting a college education by correspondence,
While others seem to think they'll get just as far by devoting their evenings to the study of the difference in temperament between brunettance and blondance.
--- Ogden Nash from "Kindly Unhitch that Star, Buddy" a prose poem

It isn't easy writing satire, then to try and compete with a renown humorist it is even more intimidating.  I wrote the above description a long time ago but didn't have it in me to even attempt to write a Nasher of my own as an example.  I've finally given it a try.  Here is my attempt at silly satire.

Famous by Judi Van Gorder

When we seek praise most sumptuous 
we are bound to fall and feel the lumptuous.
There are those complacent in their talent,
then those who hone the craft most gallant.
It's the first who descends into mundanity
while wallowing in unearned vanity.
In the second you will find persistence,
it is they who will run the distance.

~~ © ~~ Poems by Judi Van Gorder ~~

For permission to use this work you can write to Tinker1111@icloud.com

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