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Poetry Magnum Opus

Trail Blazers to Modern Poetry


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Explore the Craft of Writing Poetry

Poetic Schools or Movements That Have Influenced the Direction of Poetry Through History

The craft of writing poetry has taken various routes throughout history. All learning builds on knowledge that has gone before and the craft of writing is no different. How we write today has been built from how others wrote in the past. Throughout history poetic schools or movements have sprung up influenced by the conventions or philosophies of the times that surrounded them. The following are a few to take note of. I try to include a poem from one poet in each movement or era when I can find them already posted somewhere on the internet.


Abstract Poetry Acmeism Akhmatova's Orphans Aesthetic Movement The Apostles The Auden Group also called the Thirties Movement
Augustan Poetry Baroque Poetry Beat Poetry Black Arts Movement The Black Mountain Poets   British Poetry Revival
Canadian Poetry Assoc. Ciaro Poets The Cavalier Poets Classical Greeks Classicism Cockney Poetry
Confessional Verse Cowboy Poetry Cubist Poetry Cyclic Poets Dadism Deep Image
Della Cruscans Dymock Poets The Edda Measures Elizabethan Poetry Fleshy School of Poetry Georgian Poetry
Graveyard Poets, also called Churchyard Poets The Group The Harlem Renaissance Imagism Jacobite Poets Jazz Poetry
Lake Poets Liverpool Poets Martian Poetry Metaphysical Poetry Misty Poets Modernism
Movement Poets Nature Poets Neoclassic Poetry New Apocalypse Poets Objectivists Parnassian Poets
Peasant Poetry Poets of Elan Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood Pylon Poets Renaissance Poetry The Rhymers' Club
Rochester Poets Romanticism San Francisco Renaissance Scottish Chaucerians Scottish Renaissance Scriblerus Club
Sicilian Poets Southern Agrarians Spasmodic School Spectascism Surrealist Poets Symbolist Poets
Tang Poets Transrealism Tribe of Ben Troubadours Trouvères Tudor Lyric
Underground Poets The Uranian Poets Victorian Poetry War Poetry The 24 Official Welsh Meters Zen Poetry

~~ © ~~ Poems by Judi Van Gorder ~~

For permission to use this work you can write to Tinker1111@icloud.com

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