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Poetry Magnum Opus

A - D Devices,Genres,Meters,Stanzaic Forms &Verse Forms


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Explore the Craft of Writing PoetryGenres, Devices, Movements, Stanzaic Form & Verse Form - A - B - C - D - E - F - G - H - I - J - K - L - M - N - O - P - Q - R - S - T - U - V - W - X - Y - ZAlso See Glossary of Poetic TermsA - B - C - D - E - F - G - H - I - J - K - L - M - N - O - P - Q - R - S - T - U - V - W-X-Y-Z

5/3 Meter 7/5 Trochee     13 Line Sonnet 15-10 Alternating The 160     
a la Bartholomew Griffin AA-12 Step Sonnet A L'Arora ABBA Abbreviated Haiku ABC Poem
Abecedarius Abercrombie Abhanga Abstract Poetry Academic Verse Accentual Verse
Accentual Syllabic Verse Acmeism Acritic Verse Acronet Acrostic Acrostic Sonnet
Acrostic Tribute Sonnet Action Poetry Adegem Adonic Line Ae Freislighe   Aeolic Ode
Aeolic Verse Aesthetic Movement Afflatus African Poetry Aisling Verse Akhmatova's
Alba or Aubade   Alcaics Alcmanic Verse Alcmanian Strophe Alejandrino
Alexandrine line Alexandrine couplet Alfred Dorn sonnet Allegory Alliterated Alphabet Poem Alliterative Acrostic Trigee
Alliterative Verse Allitersen Alouette Alphabestiary Alphabet Character Poem Alphabet Haiku
Alphabet Poem Altar Verse   Alternating rhymed quatrain Alternating Sonnet Amanda's Dark Sonnet
Amanda's Pinch Amaranth American 767 American Forte American Liebre American Sentence
American Sonnet American Verse Forms   Amphigory Amphigouri
Amphion Anaphora Anacreontic Couplet Anacreontic Ode Anagram Analogue
Anapeat   Anapestic tetrameter Ancient Irish Forms Ancient Verse Andaree
Anglo Saxon Verse Anisometric Verse Antiphon Anistubh Anna Anthem
The Apostles Apostrophe Aquarian Arabesque Arabian Onegin Sonnet Arabian Sonnet
Arabic Verse Forms Archilochian Verse Argonelles Arkaham Ballad Arlabecca Verse Arnold
  Ars Poetica Art Major Art Menor asciepiad meter
Asean Sonnet or Asean
Royal Flush Sonnet
Atarlis Fileata Atom Atrina Aubade Auden Group
Augmented Monometrics Augustan Poetry Australian Sonnet Austrian Verse Awdl Awdl gywydd
Awit Baccresieze Badger Hexastich Bagarthach Verse Balada Balance
Balanced Sonnet   Balassi Stanza Balete Ballad Ballade
Ballade, Double Ballade, Double Refrain Ballade Envoy Ballade Envoy Double refrain Ballade Grande Ballade Royal
Ballade Supreme Envoy Ballade Supreme Stanza Ballata Balwo Bar Form Bardic Sonnet
Baroque Poetry Barzeletta Basit Bay Chu Beacon of Hope Beast Epic
Beat Poetry Beginning of Line Rhymed Sonnet
or Head Rhyme Sonnet
Beher Beit Belarus Verse Benison
Bengali Verse Bergerette Besikuri or Besikian verse Bestiary Betwixt Bev-A-Lyn Rhyme
Beymorilin Sonnet Biblical Verse Bina Binary Tree Binyon Bio Poem
Black Mountain Poets Blank Verse Blank Verse Sonnet Blason Blessing Blind Rhyme
Blitz Blues Sonnet Blues Stanza Blunden Boast Bob and Wheel
 Boketto Bon Chu Bop Verse   Borrowed Poetry Boutoniere
Bouts- Rimes Bowlesian Sonnet Brace Octave Brady's Touch Brag Bragi
Brazilian Haiku Breccbairdne   Bref Double Breton Lay Brevee
Brevette Brhati Bridges Briolette Brisbane Sonnet Broadside Ballads
Brus Bryant Bucolic Burden or Carol Texte Burlesque Verse Burmese Verse Forms
Burns Sonnet Burns Stanza Burtonelle Bush Ballad Sonnet Bussokuseki Busta Sonnetto
Butterfly Verse Bylina Byr a thoddaid Byron's Sonnet Ca Dau Cabeza
Caccia Cadae Cadae Cadenza Cadence Cairo Poets California Rhymed Stanza
Calligramme Cambodian Poetry Cameo Canadian Poetry Canadian Sonnet Canciónor Cancióne
Candlelight Canopus Canso Cantar Canticle Cantiga
Cantiga de Amigo Canto Canzone Canzonetta or Canzonet Canzonetta Prime Capitolo
Cardinal Stanza   Carol Stanza Carol Texteor Burden Carpe Diem Verse Caryotte
Casbairdne Cascade Castilian Poetry Catalan Poetry Catalogue Verse Catch
Catena Rondo Caudate Sonnet Caudate Stanza   Cavalier Poetry Cavatina
Celtic Twilight Celtic Verse Forms Cento Cethramtu
Rannaigheacht Mor
Chance Verse Chained Sonnet
Chain Verse Chandler Sonnet changga   Chann Channing's Sonnet
or Chanson
Chanson de Geste Chant Chant Royal Envoy Chant Royal Stanza Chante Fable
Chantey Charm Chastushka Chaucer's Rimeor Stanza Chaucerian Roundel Chazz Effect
Cherita Chinese Verse Forms Ch'I Yen Shih Chivalric Sonnet Cho-ga  
Choka Choral Lyric   Choi's Sonnet Choral Ode Choriambics Line
Christ-in-a-Rhyme Christabel Meter Christina's View Chronos Chu Ci Chueh Chu
Ci Cinq Cinquain Cinqku Cinq Trois Deca La Rhyme Cinquain Cinquain Chain or Corona
Cinquain Swirl Cinquain - Traditional Cinquetun or Cinquetin Cinquino Cinquo Circlet
Citsorca City Poem Clare Sonnet Clarity Pyramid Classical Greek Forms Classical
Classical Hexameter or
Classical Heroic Line
Classical Pentameter Classicism Cleave Poetry Clerihew Clogyrnachclog-ír-nach
Closed couplet Clue-Line Cobla Esparza Cockney Poetry Coin Collom Lune
Comedy Collins Stanza Comiat Common Measure Common Octave Complaint
Complete couplet Complex Allitersen Composite Sonnet Compound Acrostic Compound Word Verse Conachlonn
Concrete Verse Con-Verse Confessional Verse   Constanza Conversation Poem
Converse in Couplets Copla Copla Real Copla de arte mayor Cornish Sonnet Corona
Coronasonnet Coronation Ode  /td> Coronach Cosanta Côte
Count Down and Count Up Countess' Grief Couplet Construction couplet envelope Couplet Sonnet Courtly Compliment
Cowboy verse Cowleyan Ode Crambo Crapsey Cinquain   Crystalline
Cro Cumaisc Etir CasbairndeOcus Lethrannaigecht Cromorna Cross Limerick Cross Sonnet Crown or Corona of Sonnets Cuaderna Via
Cuarteto Cubist Cueca Chileana Verse Culminating Verse   Cumulative Verse
Curse Curtal Long Hymnal Stanza Curtailed Quaintrelle Curtal Quatrain Curtal Sonnet
Cycle Cyclic Poets   Cyclus Cyhydedd fer Cyhydedd fer Sonnet
Cyhydedd Hir Cyhydedd Naw Ban Cyrch a chwta Cywydd Cywydd deuair fyrion Cywydd deuair hirion
Cywydd llosgyrnog Czech Poetry Dabali Shairi dactylic hexameter Dada Daina
Dansa   Dark Verse Daveda's Charm   de la Mare de Tabley
Deachnadh cummaisc Deachnadh mor Death Poem Débat Decannelle Decastich
Decathlon Décima Décima Espinela Décima Italiana Décima Rima Decrina
Decuain Deep Image   Definition Poem Deibhidhe Deibhidhe Baise Fri Toin
Deibhidhe Guilbnech Deibhidhe Guilbnech Dialtach Dekaaz Della Cruscan Deplorable Sonnet Descort
Desdansa Deten Dialogue Diamonte Diamond Poem Diaspora Sonnet
Diatelle Dickson Nocturne Didactic Cinquain Didactic Couplet   Didactic Verse
Diminishing Hexaverse Diminishing Monometrics Diminishing Verse Dinggedicht Dionol Dipodic Quatrain
Dipodic Verse Dirge Disambiguation Distich Distorted Diablo Dithyramb
Ditty   Divena Sonnet Dixdeux Dixon Dizain
Dobson Dodoitsu Doggerel Doggonette Sonnet Doha Domino Rhyme
Donna Donne Donne's Sonnet Dorian Ode Dorsimbra Double
Double Acrostic Double Ballad Stanza Double Ballade Double Ballade Supreme Double Ballade with Eight Line Stanza Double Chant Royal
Double Dactyl Double Etheree Double Five Double Glosa Double Refrain Ballade Double Refrain Ballade Supreme
Double Refrain Chant Royal Double Refrain Kyrielle Double Rondeau Double Sestina Double Sonnet Double Tetractys
Doublet Douzet Dowson Dr. Stella Drab Poetry Dramatic Verse
Dream Song Droighneach Drottkvaett Dryden Roundelay Dub Poetry Dual Sonnet
Dueces Sonnet Duma Dunadh Duni Duo-Rhyme Duodora
Duplex Dutch Sonnet Dyfalu   Dymock Poets

Genres, Devices, Movements, Stanzaic Form & Verse Form - A - B - C - D - E - F - G - H - I - J - K - L - M - N - O - P - Q - R - S - T - U - V - W - X - Y - ZAlso See Glossary of Poetic TermsA - B - C - D - E - F - G - H - I - J - K - L - M - N - O - P - Q - R - S - T - U - V - W-X-Y-Z

~~ © ~~ Poems by Judi Van Gorder ~~

For permission to use this work you can write to Tinker1111@icloud.com

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