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                                                                                                The Poetry of Judi Van Gorder

~~ © ~~ You can contact me at Tinker1111@icloud.com                A-B-C-D-E-F-G-H-I-J-K-L-M-N-O-P-Q-R-S-T-U-V-W-X-Y-Z

Poems Written 2021 and later    Scroll Down for 2020 and Before 


2024 #1
poets practice
2024 #2
time flys
2024 #3 snapshot 2024 #4 frog tree 2024 #5 passed 2024 #6 steps 2024 #7 baby goats haiku train 2024 #8 hugs
A Poem a Day   Absurd Admittedly After the Dishes Are Done The Aftermath    Allegedly
Alleluia Morning   American Gothic   Appetite  Assembly Required    
Back To Normal   Beginning     The Birthing of Pat's Pride Bitter Cold  
Bloomin' Onion   Bluebird Bodega Blues   A Book in My Nook Boppa  
  Bureaucratic Red Tape California, Border State Caregiver A Case For Blue Cat Owner's Adventures Cavorting Cheyenne Lore
Chum Civilization   Classroom Comfort From the Rain Coming of Age Company's Company Crazy
  Customer Service Cyclical Explosion   Day 27 Dear Yuri    
Diamonds in the Sky Dionysus Discover Jar The Dissemination of Karma Divided We Fall Dread Ebony The Elephant Tree
Eschatology                  Fall's Flaw Falling Familiar                         Family Winter Fun February 2023 Haiku Month Fire Next Time
Fireflies Fishhead Beach First Time - Reincarnation? For My Granddaughter Forget the Election forgive us our trespasses Forty Years in the Trenches Full Circle
The Galapagos Genetics A Gift From Mama Go As a River Go Right Go Left     golden leaves
     ' Growing Up   Hail to the Sun! The Haunting He Writes His Report
  Heaven’s Chaos   Him   Honest Abe   How to Write a How to do the Impossible The Hush of Spring
I Am St. Pat, Bay Mare I Choose My Own Fate I Hear You I Don't Know What to Call This I Need Color   I Pledge I Prayed for Rain
  I Remember When I See You The Ice Man Cometh   Icebergs    
I'll Try Again I'm Done In Gratitude In My Grief   Illusive It's Hot Out Here Just Another Day
Just Do It Keeping Up   Lady in White   Laundry                    Leader Limericks May 2023
Living Still Longbarn, Summer of "59" The Lowly Toilet Paper Roll Machete "make mankind in Our image" Majestic "make mankind in Our image" Manic Mice March 5, Natl Pasty Day
  Mas or Menos Mega Pint Mia Culpa Morning Concert Morning Jay   Mystification
National No Housework Day Nirvana No Better Day Nostalgia October Reflection   Off Baja's Coast One More For the Road
Only She     Perambulate Piano in the Sand Pirouette Place to Rest and Nest  
Play Day Poem In Your Pocket Primal and Pampered Proof Life is Not Fair Property Taxes 2022#36   Purple Pen Quadrette
A Queen Has Passed This Way Queen of the Casino, Evelyn Casini Questioning Quinten's Quintessential Quest Revival Right Here, Right Now Romance the Dance Ruffles in Cotton
rumbling along salient memories Sanctuary     A Shared Passion   Sharpening the Machete
    Shinrin Yoku Shot Gun   Sidewalk Poet Sierra Wilderness The Sierras and the Pacific Single and Free
Smiles Song from Stillness  'Step in Time Still Wet, Yet ... Storming the Citadel Strangled at the Pump Stroke Victim Talking Fingers
Team Depp   The Climb The Constant The Horsemen   The Wise Old Queen Iris They Emerged
Thirst This is What 81 Looks Like This Moment This Morning's Stroll   Today's Mission Today's Promise Today's Surprise
Today's Word Is Soup Tomorrow's Promise Trekking the Trail of Apathy Turning Pages   Two Deputies Use It Verse in Transition
Viet Song View from my Bedroom Window     War in Eastern Europe     Wear It Like You Own It
Welcome the New Year What is Heaven? What to Do About Molly? What's Cooking? What's Next? Whistling in the Trees Who Are They? Widow
William's Long Stay Wisdom From a Disgraced Comic The Wise Old Queen Wonderwall by Oasis Word-Play Tenfold   Words to Live By Work to be Done
A Xanthic Riddle   Zelensky Zzyzx Here I Come        
2021 #1 Spring's snow 2021 #2 Sailing 2021 #3 forest floor 2021 #4 pathways 2021 #5 grateful 2021 #6 crystal   Icy Slope 2021 #8
2022 #1 Year of the Tiger 2022 #2 Punxsutawney Phil 2022 #3 Daffodils 2022 #4 ink 2022 #5 Stepford Wives 2022 #6 empty bed 2022 #7 Attention 2022 #8 snowbird
2022 #9 stay and play 2022 #10 last chapter 2022 #11 clogged border 2022 #12 desk clutter 2022 #13 pigskin 2022 #14 butterflies 2022 #15 Susan B Anthony 2022 #16 kitty's coat
2022 #17 Ice shards 2022 #18 platinum 2022 #19 colors 2022 #20 bristled 2022 #21 Delta 2022 #22 oculus 2022 #23 grass 2022 #24 Russia
2022 #25 clam chowder 2022 #26 bomb turtle 2022 #27 shelter 2022 #28 Mardi Gras 2022 #29 2022 # 30 brass cyllanders blades of grass 2022 #31 2022 #32 Kermit
heat 2022 #33 vision 2022 #34 surrender 2022 #35 Property Taxes 2022#36 timid sun 2023 #37 2022 #38 God's voice 2022 #39 ten words 2022 #40
Amatuer Nite 2022 #41  
2023 #1 holidays over 2023 #2 parched river 2023 #3 water everywhere 2023 #4 Serpent Day groundhog 2023 #5 haiku month 2023 #6
first Friday

2023#7 Snow Moon 2023 #8 Belize
2023 #9 fresh air 2023 #10 surge 2023 #11 Crocus 2023 #12 2023 #13 2023 #14 2023 #15 2023 #16
2023 #17 2023 #18 2023 #19 2023 #20 2023 #21 2023 #22 2023 #23 2023 #24
2023 #25 2923# 26 2023 #27 2023 #28 2023 #29 2023 #30 2023 #31 2023 #32
another's Nikes 2023 #33 2023 #34 blue trash can 2023 #35 2023 #36 2023 #37 behemoth 2023 #38 2023 #39 filling time 2023 #40


~~ © ~~ Poems by Judi Van Gorder ~~

For permission to use this work you can write to Tinker1111@icloud.com

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                                                                       The Poetry of Judi Van Gorder  2019 and 2020

~~ © ~~ You can contact me at Tinker1111@icloud.com                A-B-C-D-E-F-G-H-I-J-K-L-M-N-O-P-Q-R-S-T-U-V-W-X-Y-Z

Poems Written 2019 and 2020 Scroll Down for 2019 and 2020  

Air Outside

Al Hagopian

Aloha, Hello-Goodbye And It Keeps on Coming Anticipation Apothecary April's Super Moon Argentina Way
Arlington Park As Reflected Ashes to Ashes At the Fair Backyard Poet Balwo #1 Beyond the Grave Bloody Portal
Bonnie Homeland Border Crossing Boxing Day Breakers Breaking the Silence Breath of Hope Can't Keep a Good Man Down Cat Play
Celestial Challenge Change on the Horizon Chaul Chnam Thmey Chittagong Chore Time Christmas Care Circle
Cleaning the Tub Come on Over Conceived in Liberty Come Sail With Me Covid 19 Small Business Plan Daddy's Girl Dancing With Roses Dawning
Deeper Dekaaz #1-#4 Delivered Deputy Desolation Elegy For Humanity Enough Facetime
Falling for the French Fall TV Feed the Hungry Fire Season Five to Five Flight of the Mind Forest Symphony For Trinity
From the East Full Worm Moon Fur Play Gogyohka #1 Going Nowhere Golden State Golgotha Gratitude While Social Distancing
Gulf Coast Saturday Gutted Happy Holiday Happy Thanksgiving A Haunting He Leads Us Hearth Hidden Away
Holiday Travel Hollow Hush He's Sleeping I Write I'd Like to Think, It Knew I'm Broke In the Cold In the Spirit of WCW
Indispensable Inside Cat Interrupted Invitation Invite to Write It's My Birthday Japanese Limerick Jimmy Carter Eagle
Jimmy Carter, Humility Raised Up Journal Entry Jan 8 Journey to the Sea Judith, Praised Be Juju Kobe Kurals La Moulin de la Galette
Lake Powell Last Sigh of Summer Leaves Leaving the Nest Let Love In Letter Home Little Willies Loki's Game
Love Lucky Charm Malecon Man in the Iron Mask March 21, 2019 Mask Maverick Maverick 24 Syllables
Moment of Peace Morning Newscast Mother Mary Mr. Jones from Wales My Cat the Huntress My Dog Ate My Homework My Morning Visit My Red Door
My Summer Morning Neighbor Gate New Norm No Loitering Not Yet! Old Flame Flickered On the Hill One More Time
One Paper Clip At a Time The Other Side Pandemic Peanut Butter Perverted Power Phobia Poetess Challenged Poet's Magic
Pot Luck Potter's Hand Prelude Pull Pundit Quandry Requiem Return of Spring
Return to Jerusalem Ring the Bell Ringing   River Crossing Rosemary on Rare Winter Morning sanxian Sass Sapphic Ode Sonnet' an Oxymoron
Seasonal Seasons Repeat Seder Meal Silken Threads Sitting Under My Flowering Pear shy sun smiles Shosagoto Skeleton Takes a Tumble
Slaughtered Lambs Sleepless in Occidental Sleepwear Soaring Free Solitary Sound the Tocsin South of Latitude 37 Spark
St John's Wort Stalker Storm Stretching it Out Summer Morning Summer Swelter Summer’s Eve Sunday Funnies
Sunday Morning SuperBlood Wolf Moon Surf’s Up Tea Time Tepkunset That New Car Smell The Chase is On The Dust Rises
The Fifty Dollar Tomato The Pacific They Keep On Coming This is my Tapestry Those Who Dare, Call Me Kaa Thread of Dreams To Read a Poem To Whom It May Concern
Today's Molly Adventure Trapped Trophy Troubles Trump Clerihews Two Lives, Not One Ups and Downs Udder Elixir
Unleashed Visit to the Vet Waiting Delivery Waking Warming Trends Whacking Away We Remember Wednesday Walk
Weeds in My Garden What's Cooking Willy's Costume Wings Winter Garden Witches Brew Wizards and Bards Whistling in the Trees
Whitney Frame With Sincere Apologies Wonder          


 24 syllable Poems

24 Syllable Forum     Allergic The Artic Unknown     Creature  Cretin Dead Silence            Election            Earth's Red
Excellence The King             Holiday Cheer I'm Home Mandatory Evacuation  Mom My Molly   Naughty Pup      
Object d' Art Risk Take Action Temper Temper     Temptation Trick or Treat   Wraith

~~ © ~~ Poems by Judi Van Gorder ~~

For permission to use this work you can write to Tinker1111@icloud.com

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                                                                       The Poetry of Judi Van Gorder  2018 and Before

~~ © ~~ You can contact me at Tinker1111@icloud.com                A-B-C-D-E-F-G-H-I-J-K-L-M-N-O-P-Q-R-S-T-U-V-W-X-Y-Z

3 A.M. 3 Spring Limerick 5 O'clock 5 Year Chip 40 Days and 40 Nights 98 BMW 540i
127 Hours A Lifetime A moment before sleep A Visit to the VA Clinic A Visitor Absence
Absolute Nonsense Adjustment Advise to Old Prufrock Aftermath African Spectacle Age Old Story
Aliens American Soldier An Apple a Day An Old Hymn Still Singing Anacreon's Creed Ancient and Alive
Ancient Welshman And It Came Down Another Accuser Anticipated April 15 April Showers, How Cliché of Her
Arctic Love Are You a Dog or Cat Person? Arthur and Marylyn T #1 At the Office ATM August
Away Awe Babies Born Here Backwards Balancing Act Ball Player
Ballata Bard Bark Beetle Battle Ground Beef Steak Being Me
Best Left Behind Betrayal Beyond Beyond London, 1888 Bird Watching Bird's Eye View
Bitch Black of the Moon Blackberry Patch Black Beauty Blush of Love Bombastic
Bondage Broken The Book Born of the Earth Boycott breaking free A Brief Cast
Briolette of India Brothers Brothers and Sisters Burn-out Blues By the Hunter's Moon Burned
Cafe Mocha Call From Concert Cali Fire Storm Can You Hear Them? Cantar Caravan
Cat Tail Cease Fire In Syria Celebration Celtic Form Chained Haiku Chained to the Frame
Chardonnay Summer Chess (a translation) Cheezy Addiction Cherry Blossoms Chilly Forecast Chimes
Choices We Make Christmas Blurred Christmas Night Tanka Church Parking Lot Circle Clerihew
Cold Cold Forever Collective Combat Comfort Food Complex Math
Computer Connection Condemned Confessional Convenience Conversation at the Office Cora Lynn Williams 1834-1849
craft Crapsey Cinquain Crazies Cream Stuffed Donuts Creation Crisis
Crystal Clear Crystal Vase Curiouser and Curiouser Curtal Sonnet Dancers Dark Continent
Darryl is Her Name Daylight Savings Day Is Done Day Thirteen Day’s End Days Like This
Deadline Deaf Tones Death and Taxes Dedication deified Denial
Deprived Desperation Devil's Bridge Devil's Game Diaspora Discordant Thoughts
Diversion Dragon Dreamer Due It Due Tomorrow Dust
Easter Goodies Easter Rathe Easy Way Out Echo at Dawn El Viejo elements
EMail Empty Excuse Empty Moment Empty Stable Epizeuxis Episode
Erasure Essence Essence of Hope Eternal etheree evening azimuth
Eventide Everyone! Expectation Eye of the Beholder Fair Weather Sailor Faith
Fall Fall Back Fall's Fancy Fallen Family Night Famous or Blamous
Father-Daughter Feast in Cana Feed My Sheep Fencing Off (prose) Fevered Rambling Fiore
Fire at the Core Fire Dance First Day of Chemo First Flight First Responder: When Others Run Away Flight
For All You Poets Out There Forgotten  (He waits) Forgotten  Forum Limerick Found Freedom
French Flare Friend or Foe Fresh Start Friday, Fall From Plow to Sport of Kings From the Heart
Funny Man Furry Fix Fuzzy G Game 6, treinta sei Gathering Generosity
Genius George, Amigo George HW Bush Giddy Up Glory The Ginch
Gone to Hell Goodbye 2017 Goodnight Mac Adoo Graduation Grit Between My Toes Gunman Kills 11
Guilbhnech HHaiku Journal Hand in my Back Happy Anniversary Babe Happy Mother's Day Happy Year of the Dog
Hat and the Cat The Haunting He Called Her Sunshine He Was Just a Man Headline Heat of Autumn
Heaven Heavenly Hamburger Heavenly Timber Heaven's Hue Hiding in the light Hitler's Legacy
Holiday at Low Tide Hold On Homage to Romance Honey Seeded Whole Wheat Heaven Horsemen of Afghanistan Hot Topics
House of Stone How Did I Get Here? How Great is He? How Many Times? Hunter in Training II Am
I Don't Relate I.E.D. I Have a Hero If a tree falls . . . I'll Miss You I'm Not Mad
In love In Memory of John Paul II In My Dotage In the Night, Darkness In the Trenches Incendiary
incomplete Incomprehensible Indigo informed Introduction Inuendo
Irishman Limerick Irma Irma vs Florida et al It Begins Italian Saraband It's Cold Out There
It's Complicated It's Finally Here It's In the Refrigerator It's My Birthday I've Got To Get My Generator Fixed Journal Entry Dec 25,2041
Journal,Today's Weather Joybell Jungle Tale Just Me Justice Undone Keats
Kentucky Derby Ladies Never Jiggle Laker gold Laker's Quest Lambs Lament
Land Ho! Lanterne Laughing in Fall Colors Lavender Law and Reason Lectio Divina
Left Behind leg-acy Legacy Let the Games Begin Let’s Take It With Ease London terror
Lions Tigers and Bears Listening Little Willie Long Haired Dog The Longest Night Longing in Rhyme and Rain
A Look Forward Love, An Old Cliché Low Tide Lucky Charm Lyrelling Mac Adoo's Wings
Macy's Parade Day Magic Moments Magic of the Muse Malaise March 2, 2018 6:41am Marguerite Johnson,
A Caged Bird No More
May Me, the Condensed Version Memo to Hot Shot Memorial Memories Memory Lane
Merry Christmas All Middle Ground Midnight Rain Milk Toast Mind Melt Mission For the Queen
Molly's First Christmas Monday Mono y Mono Monster Month of August Moonless Reflection
Moonlight More Morning Brew Morning stillness Morning Sun Morning Walk
Movie Night Movies and Horses Mr. Jones Mr. Money My Neck of the Woods Mud Laps
Music In My Dream My Dog Angel My Don Quixote Nature's Notes News Images Night Dwellers
No Beginning, No End No One Wants To Pay the Insurance Bill No Sapphic Ode Sonnet No Surrender Nonsense Not Again
Notation Not Again Now Here's a No Brainer Now Streaming Nursery Ode to Laker Basketball
Ode to My Left Hand Ode to Poet John Keats Ode to Rain on a courtyard bench On a Starless Night On the Cross
On the Way to the Ladies Room One Bite One Note Tones One Too Many One Two Three,Ring Oogling the Bing
Open Blinds Oprah Orb Os-Rune's Language Ostrich Races Out of Sync
Out West Outside the VA Pacific's Golden Way Pallette Panacea Panache
Paradise Adrift Paradise Erupts Parent Parole Parrot Limerick Pase Doble
The Path Path to Stillness Patriarch Pauline Peck's Pond Pele
The Pen Whispers Persimmon Phone Call to an Old Friend Pi Pi ∆∆∆∆∆ Pier 39
pillow woman Plant the Seed Playing Poet Poet Poet's Quill Police Shooting
Politics Poor Man's Rhodedendron Prelude Prepping For the Season President George H.W. Bush Press Conference
Pressure Cooker Prism Promise of the Moon Psalm in Action Puddles pyramid
Queen Bee Queen of Spring Rain Rainbow of Possibilities Rainbow's Promise Raindrop
Rain's Grace Reaching For a Star Read, White and Blue Rebirth Red Red, Red Rose
Redwood Grove Refilled Regression Reluctant Ballade Remind Me Again? Reminders
Remnants of the F Word Requiem for Mac Adoo Rescue The Return Return of the Doe Returning Home
Rhyming Lines Ring Joyful Ring of Love Robert Frost, Sower Roly Poly Roly Poly Prince
Roundabout Route 91, Harvest Festival Royal Wedding Rõõmsaid Jõulupühi Runway Rust
rustic Sample Santa Soon to Arrive Saturday Morning Scab Scarlet
Scent of Paris Scrumptuous Lumptuous Sculptured Heart Sea Dreamer Seamrog Sedoka
Seven Deadly Sins Seven Principals Shade(hokku) Shadows Shadows at Dawn She Passed
Shell Beach Shere Kahn Shift Change Shifting Sands Short Balance Shout
Sideshow Silenced Silly Rabbit Silly Willy Since You've Gone Singed Wings
Six More Weeks of Winter Shutdown Skald Sleep Smog Snyder (prose)
So Far Away Soldier's Bride Solitaire Solstice Rhapsody Solstice Sundown Someone, Please Fix Me
Son of Thunder Song of Healing Song of the Matador Song of the Midnight Troubadour A Speck Splash
Sport of Kings Spring Ahead Spring Awakening Spring Blossoms Spring Cleaning Sri Lanka
St. Pat Staged Sanctuary Stand Off Starving Starbucks Stepping Up
Stepping Up to Tomorrow Streaming Stressing Left Strong Survive Stud sublime
Sunday Morning Sunday Visitor Sunrise Service Sunset's Tango Sunshine for Breakfast Super Bowl Sunday
Super Sunday Surprise Survivor Swinging Door Syllabic Silliness Synergy
Syrian Ceasefire Tail Wagging Taking Care of Business Tale of Honor Taqueria Tacos Tattoo
Tea and Grace Telling the Storm Temptation Ten Plus One More Tetractys Thanks For the Rain, Lord
That Dreaded Date The Box The Day Begins The Drummer The Lady Doth The Night the Bears Roamed
the reader The Student The Sun The Third Deadly Sin The Tribe They Shall Be Comforted
Third Dimension Thirty Days Through the Mist Thrown Away Thursday Afternoon Time
Timeless Timer Set on High Tinker’s Toys Titan To Read a Poem Today
Together Forever Tome Tom's Alley Too Many Years Training Day Trail Boss
Trail of Dreams Transformation Treasured Island Trey Trickster Trifling Trinity
Trite Trochee Tuesday Morning Turbulence Twelfth Night Sonnet Twins
Two Dollar Bet Two For Me, Please Uncle John's Palace Unicorn, Guardian Unidentified Uniquely Irish
Unity Unlikeable Unnoticed Upon This Rock Unprepared Van Gogh's Basket of Potatoes
Vanquished in the Night Vexing Villanelle For Scottie Vote> Vows Waiting Prognosis
Wake Up Call The Wanderer's Return War Zone Warning Warrior Woman Way Too Personal
We hold these truths Welsh Inspiration West Wind What Do You Want? When in the Woods When Starting a New Diet
When the Light Went Out When You Sing You Pray Twice Where Doves Won't Fly Where's Leigh? Whimsy Whiskey Limerick
The Will Wind on the Terrace Wings Winter Rain With Apologies Woe the Time
Women's March Wonderland Dreams Word of the Day Work Week World Peace Write On
Write, Write, Write Writing in the Dark yellow case limerick Yesterday You You Left Your Ring
Youth zi Zimbabwe Child

2018 Haiku  Key Words

#1 autumn garden #2 seed catalogue         #3 Super Moon              #4 bundled in red                #5-6 short night haiku     #7-11 Good Friday Suffering    
#12-18 Spring Haiku       #19 surrender #20 Soccer Mom #21-22-23 When Did We
Get So Old?
#24 confinement #25 cockroaches
#26 slack mouth #27 hand tremors #28 folding chairs #29 forty four minutes #30 clean sheets #31 sand and stars
#32 & #33 Late night #34 Seashore #35 old barn #36 garbage lid #37 sage serenity #38 autumn passage
#39 sodden field #40 early kitty play #41 hard Friday #42 puppies and kittens #43 sticky paws #44 untold story
#45 acrid smoke #46 Friday workday        

2018 Tanka and 24 syllable Poems

#1 surprises welcome      #2 carrion scatter         #3 heavy clouds             #4 Ritual                            #5 sanctuary                     #6 fog rides surf                       
#7 Black Moonlight #8 ancient monuments #9 Hush, He's Sleeping Boxing Day Leaving the Nest  

2018 Than Bauk

 #1 hone skills                    #2 too many spills         #3 harvest moon            #4   thanks                          #5 frustration  

~~ © ~~ Poems by Judi Van Gorder ~~

For permission to use this work you can write to Tinker1111@icloud.com

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Rosemary on Rare Winter Morning snow morning   weaky Wednesday #4 haiku 14 rainfall Breaking the Silence My Summer Morning haiku #27 haiku #28
Morning Newscast haiku #34  Feed the Hungry              #4 Meghan Markle  ; #13 Circle Gulf Coast Saturday ;Ode to Oats
haiku 35 Dawning coffee kural Warning Morning Coffee #21 My Morning Visit  early Saturday              Dekaaz #2 sunrise

2017 Haiku Journal, Train, American Sentence, Cinquains and Tankas

#4 ant attack T #2 Barcelona blackbird diner bold fledglings #30 bottle rockets #40 bound books
#27 brain swims #2 C notes #32 calendar marked #9 cancer consult #7 care dog Chain Haiku
T #4 Charlottesville #1AS cold fingers #31 corn drips #3AS crystal water ;#1 Daisy deemed doomed
empty pasture falling rocks #8 flowered table forest of tallons forgotten garden  Friday traffic     
frigid raindrops fruit rots  #24 girls entertain gloom  golden garden golden flight             
 Lanturne #2 Greek Urn #23 guide wire               #25 hand touches  #26 icky red stuff #10 Jelly Beans #11 jump off train
keeper of memories  #6 large needle   #38 laughing summer   Lanturne #2 love's cliché  #39 love's favorite #35 lush spring 
 Lanturne #1 magnum opus  #41 MOM   #17 monster machine   #2AS no moon      #22 nuked    #16 ocean mist 
 #12 old Husky   #52 onco test                #14 orange tractor   #29 pain on hold          #33 pathology     # permission             
 #3 poet to reader        pregnant buds     prelude     #5 questions    #36 royal iris     #28 Sara's shrimp    
 #47 Scent on fingers   #43 shadowed iceberg   single bloom    silhouette     single bloom   #4AS smell of Lavender   
 sky's promise  Lanturne #4 Snow Bank  Lanturne #5 spam  #13 spikey palms     St Francis    #45 stenciled window
 #50 summer heat   #37 sunset's glory      #51 sweet Daisy     #18 test tube               #34 tumor too large  traffic lights                 
 tremored hand  #20 vampire vial   #21 warm andcozy     #15 warm hugs           West wind    #42 window fan        
 #49 widow-maker   #48 windy country road  woodpecker  #46 your face young girl's face #44 Zambezi cascades

2016 Haiku Journal  and Others

Autumn                                band of bandits                 Barn Owl                         breakers crash                     burqa                         #4 clean counter              
crocus bloom   #5 crusty eye deaf to a song   fairy secrets              #6 fatigue              fawn
first glimpse Friday night market         frog croaks frost colored leaves #3 gloom #2 gun-metal 
heart's desire HoneySuckle lake of ice ;leaf floats lonely heart #1 New Year
next to doe               one crocus blooms pine tree falls              rain slicked trail    

Up to 2016  Haiku and Other Untitled Poems - Key Words

ancestors ancient wall ant covered candy ants in the mud room #51 April sunrise Autumn Chess #8 baking cake barking parrot
beacon beauty #44 bed beckons  #18 beef stew best way home beyond the shore birth & death blue canvas
blue rose              bohdi tree        #57 brazen poppies #30 breakfast #52 breeze floats off Pacific              bright in green #78 broken bird    Brooklyn on Nabisco             
# 83 bullets at concert              burning log #53 butterfly wings                             #76 calendar Camelot              caped manta captured moments
#25 castoff #12 caught then lost              chants of peace child beguiled color of her eyes corn stalks   countdown #14 cozy quilt
creeper weeds  cricket chirps  croak caw crocus carpet crystals on lake  cyber ballroom daffodils  damp morning
 #55 dancing blossom    dawn /sun sets  deadlines    diamond myths  #68 dishwasher #13 do it now  doe and fawn dream hovers
early plum blossom   #33 east coast flood  #80 ebony night elixir  empty box explore summer Fang  #76 fast forward 
field mouse flames mushroom flames lick  flash-boom  #20/#21
 flight series
flour & nuts fly series #5/#6/#7   flying fox             
froggy launch pad  frogs silent frost on mailbox   frothy sea              #32 goat rescue goats ate my roses #48 granddaughter's voice  #27 grandkids rock
grandson #41 green snot  #1  grey mist gummy gap              #46 guns & daisies haiku break hand on shoulder hard ground
harsh words  harvest moon #73 headache  #93 headed south   #69 heaven opens   #24 hide and seek  #39 hiding stars #55 hip hop 
hit/kick hoot owl  #66 horse therapy  hung over   hummingbird   I am  # I live               #81 images vanish 
#67 insect stings  #89 iPad #22 jump start       #85 keyboard  kid parole  lacy canopy  laptop keys  Las Vegas             
latte to go  #47 laundry lays to rest  #40 leaky memories  leftovers lilies              lion winds              locked inside 
#102 London under siege lost in haze         love letters             marathon runner     #11  messy desk       militant peace march   Monday              moon casts shadows             
lovers rendezvous  #65 moonlight on lake  #79 needle on tray   new dawn nob-kneed calf  Nook book  November old dog 
#35 old friend #64 one black shoe #10  overhead fan  paint dribbles  #74 pajama day Pandas sun #45 parched earth  #82 Paris bombing 
park bench  path home  pave with tolerance  pebble in creek pen meets paper  #87 pie                              pillow unattended                              # pine needles             
plot moves #42 poem marathon perennial kid parole prayer beads prink poetry #60 prissy parrot  pumpkin patch #71 purple haze
#63 purple sky #17 quarter moon #58 quizicle rabbits rain clouds clammer rainy Sunday raked red-tailed hawk 
#36 redwood limb respite rickety barn  rite of passage scrapbook seaweed   #30 seconds jet  seedlings 
 shadow shrinks shadows cast  shards of love  #ship #72 shooting star # silent engine  six hours #49 sizzling sausage
sleep can wait sleepless mind slick asphalt small child   # small spider small stone snake suns  #45 snail pace
snow dumps in May   #soft breeze breaks   sound of garbage truck #47 sound of housework # sow and mow  speed  #92 splash of lime 
#61 sport of kings   Spring grass  #62 stand up comic   starting over  sticks and moss stranded goat  #77a stroke  #70 stubbed toe
#103 subway bombings summer surf sun waits  taco Tuesday  tall horse  tar black wings   tardy sun  taste of barbeque 
taste of metal #43 tax time terror wins #86 Thanksgiving  they wait  thirsty child # thirsty soil   thousand candles  
three broken bones  three little girls  throw away time  Thursday afternoon     toddler's treasure torn Valentine #3 evergreen /#4  treetops  #59 truth  
#2 TV & computer #16 two are one   #54 two worlds vase overturned # victim sister vivid color #34 voting vows broken #56 waking with sunrise
watch parrot welcome to Wales #91 weighted limbs  #62 western shore #26 wet asphalt     wet dog  wet Wednesday   #38 winter garden
 #75 winter rain  #39 winter stars  whispered secrets  white wind #90 widow maker  woman watches year passed yellow roses
you left your ring your eyes

27858401_10209538662017973_130305341004325222_n (2).jpg


~~ © ~~ Poems by Judi Van Gorder ~~

For permission to use this work you can write to Tinker1111@icloud.com

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